Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

$1,000,000 Obtained for Injured Client

Jun 19, 2015 - Firm News

Michael E. Gumprecht of The Gumprecht Law Firm has just obtained $1 million dollars for an injured client from Commerce, GA. The injured man was initially told there was no insurance coverage available to pay for his injuries.

In March 2015, our client was sleeping upright and properly restrained as a rear-seat passenger in a vehicle that was en route to a Pennsylvania. After an all night drive from Georgia, in the early morning hours the tired driver rear-ended another vehicle and lost control of the vehicle our client was riding in.

The violent whiplash hyper-extended our client’s neck, resulting in a Type II Hangman’s Fracture to his cervical spine at C2. Emergency surgery was performed in a Pennsylvania hospital, where our client received a posterior open reduction/internal fixation of C2 with occiput to C4, as well as a posterior cervical fusion.

Our client’s heroic sister found The Gumprecht Law Firm online and reached out for assistance while her brother was recovering from the emergency surgery in Pennsylvania. Michael Gumprecht immediately got involved to gather and preserve critical evidence from the wreck.

The wrecked vehicle belonged to a company for which our client was riding to Pennsylvania as a contractor on a manual labor project. The company had workers compensation coverage for its employees, which was promptly denied to our client due to his contractor status.

With no health insurance and a denial of workers compensation coverage, our client had no way to pay for any medical treatment or bills. Upon discharge to Georgia, our client left the hospital recovering from this catastrophic injury with over $200,000 in unpaid medical bills.

Michael Gumprecht worked quickly and tirelessly to uncover a hidden $1,000,000 liability policy that covered the vehicle our client was traveling in. It was not initially disclosed by the insurance carrier until it was demanded by Michael.

The auto policy excluded coverage for employees, but it was issued by the same insurance company who denied workers compensation coverage to our client. As a result, Michael took the insurance carrier’s workers compensation denial and used it against them. The logic trapped the carrier into a corner: if you are going to deny workers compensation because you deem our client a contractor and not an employee, then this million dollar auto policy covers his injuries because it excludes coverage for employees, but not contractors.

In just a few months time, Michael’s argument stuck and coverage was confirmed. Michael promptly sent a 109 page demand letter to the insurance carrier, giving them 30 days to pay the full limits of the $1,000,000 policy or face further entanglement in court. After aggressive negotiations with the insurance carrier’s defense counsel about the true value of our client’s injuries, Michael succeeded and obtained the full limits of the policy for his client: $1,000,000.

After settlement, Michael also persuaded the Pennsylvania hospital to reduce their unpaid $200k+ medical bills to less than $40,000 as payment in full, all so that our client would walk away from the traumatic experience with the maximum possible amount of money in his pocket.

Michael Gumprecht started The Gumprecht Law Firm in 2014 and was recently named one of the “Top 40 Under 40” in the State of Georgia. As a result of this case, Michael is now the youngest and newest member to join the prestigious “Million Dollar Advocates Forum” for completely obtaining this million dollar liability settlement on his own.