Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

$1,300,000 for Motorcycle Accident Victim

Michael E. Gumprecht of The Gumprecht Law Firm just obtained $1.3 million dollars for the young victim of a motorcycle accident who survived with permanent injuries. Due to his early involvement in the case, the full limits of all insurance policies were discovered and obtained in just a few months. The family made the smart decision to seek counsel within hours of the wreck, and years of extended litigation was effectively avoided as a result.

In October 2015, our young client was safely riding at the speed limit when an elderly driver suddenly turned his car directly into our client’s path. Unable to avoid the collision, our client was sent flying off his bike and he sustained serious injuries to his leg.

Too often, even when it is clear that a motorcyclist is not a fault, many insurance companies know a future jury might assume the victim was a risk taker, and might take steps to immediately (but legally) eliminate key evidence in their possession, simply to setup the victim for an extended battle and a limited payment.

In this case, all of those pitfalls were avoided. Due to early involvement, the eyewitnesses were immediately contacted and the insurance company was told to preserve key physical evidence that was otherwise setup for “repairs.” Also, despite being initially told that the driver’s only policy size was $300,000, Michael Gumprecht forced the completion of sworn statements under oath in order to uncover an additional $1 million dollar umbrella policy. Thus, the maximum insurance recovery possible was truly $1.3 million dollars and it was properly extracted in its entirety.

Serious personal injury lawyers aren’t ambulance chasers – we simply know that time can prove critical for evidence during the first 48 hours after a serious injury. Likewise, immediately hiring an accident law firm does not make you litigious – ironically you will often avoid an extended court battle altogether by taking this important step.

That is what happened in this case: quick involvement by an experienced injury lawyer resulted in much faster resolution for the family. Now the victim can focus on moving forward with his life with a large financial recovery that will assist him and his family.

As this story makes clear: if you’ve sustained serious injuries, do not wait to call us. Call us 24/7 at 678-800-1050 and you will be patched directly to attorney Michael Gumprecht for immediate assistance. He and his team will work intelligently and swiftly to protect you and preserve the maximum financial recovery that you deserve. We serve every single county across North Georgia!

About the lawyer: Michael Gumprecht started The Gumprecht Law Firm in 2014 and became a lifetime member of the prestigious “Million Dollar Advocates Forum” in 2015 after his first million dollar recovery. Later that year he obtained a perfect 10.0 rating on, was named a “Premier 100” lawyer by the American Academy of Trial Attorneys, and was also named a “Top 40 Under 40” by both the American Society of Legal Advocates and The National Trial Lawyers.