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Douglas County hit-and-run accident kills baby, injures child

A man rear-ended a stopped Toyota at nearly 70 miles an hour, killing an 8-month-old boy in Douglas County. The crash happened on the Liberty Road exit ramp from Interstate 20 westbound just before 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. The infant’s 12-year-old sister was airlifted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The children’s mother was taken to the hospital by ambulance, as well as the man who deputies say caused the crash.

Police say the man had previously been involved in another hit-and-run near Highway 5 in Villa Rica. The man then continued driving erratically for several miles, according to police.

“He was traveling at interstate speed, probably 65-70. The witnesses who followed him said he was speeding up, slowing down, attempting to pass in the emergency lane,” said Cpl. Michael Lynn.

Investigators with the Georgia State Patrol say the two children were sitting in the back of their mom’s Toyota at a red light when the driver slammed into them.

Investigators say the mother was hurt in the crash and went to a local hospital. The man went on to hit two other cars, but didn’t seriously hurt anyone else. He was injured and went to the hospital, where he’s now in custody.

Investigators say it’s not clear whether the man was under the influence or why he was driving so dangerously. They do say he will be facing several charges that are pending, including possibly vehicular homicide, serious injury by vehicle and several others.

Source: WSBTV

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