Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

The Georgia population has skyrocketed from 5.835 million in 1984 to 10.1 million in 2014. The state’s transportation system has not kept pace with this exponential growth and has contributed to severe congestion. Unsurprisingly, road rage has also risen along with daily stresses and more vehicles on the road.

In the best case, road rage is a frightening experience in which you become the target of obscenities, yelling and hand gestures, before the angry driver speeds off. But, with increasing frequency, a driver’s ire has exploded into dangerous violence that might involve a firearm, physical assault or reckless driving.

If you were the victim of a road rage incident, The Gumprecht Law Firm is only a phone call away from helping you. We recognize that road rage often happens at night or on weekends, so our attorney is available to talk to you regardless of the time and day the road rage accident occurred.

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Dangerous Road Rage Behavior

Road rage may be triggered by inconsequential or accidental encounters. You may have no idea what sparked the driver’s anger, or the situation may be out of your control, such as a traffic jam or routine rush hour traffic. Although the driver’s frustration is understandable, taking these types of inappropriate actions is not:

  • Purposely cutting you off
  • Slamming on brakes in front of you
  • Tailgating you
  • Swerving into your lane
  • Getting out of the car in stopped traffic to confront you
  • Making physically threatening gestures
  • Pulling out a weapon

If at all possible, you should try to safely put as much distance as possible between you and the angry driver. However, our lawyer recognizes that sometimes no defensive action makes a difference, and your inability to avoid another driver’s reckless behavior means you should be compensated.

Taking Action Against the Road Rage Perpetrator

No matter the situation, there is no excuse for reacting with violence toward another driver. Even if the angry driver did not physically assault you, he or she may be held criminally and civilly liable for his behavior.

For example, you may have taken defensive action to avoid being hit by the irate driver, which caused you to lose control of your vehicle and run off the road. Even though your vehicles did not collide, the angry driver may be liable for your damages if you show that road rage was the cause.

Hold the Angery Driver Liable for Damages Caused in a Road Rage Accident

The angry driver who injured you is liable for damages she caused. Learn about what you can do to protect your rights at a free case evaluation with The Gumprecht Law Firm. You can talk to an attorney 24/7 at 678-800-1050. Our Georgia car accident law firm‘s contingency policy means you take no risk in pursuing the perpetrator of the road rage.