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Why settle for less when you can have the best Marietta personal injury lawyer fighting your case?

Our local focus is YOUR advantage to ensure you get the maximum compensation for your injuries, especially when dealing with insurance companies.

Why? Because we’ve been in their shoes. We use that insider knowledge to build a compelling case that puts you in the best position to win.

Trust us to turn the tables in your favor.

Gumprecht Law: Personal Injury Lawyer in Marietta, GA

Tired of injury lawyers who are all talk and no action? The Gumprecht Law Firm, led by the best Atlanta personal injury lawyer, redefines what it means to fight for your rights.

Forget billboards and empty promises—we focus on leveraging modern technology to bring justice to your cause. We go the extra mile in ways other lawyers don’t even know exist.

And it’s not just about the tech. Our satisfaction comes from working hard to give you the full value of your case. Your best interests are our ultimate mission—and we don’t rest until we have achieved it.

Meet Your Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer



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With a shelf full of prestigious awards, Michael Gumprecht isn’t your typical Marietta personal injury attorney.

He’s a digital powerhouse, turning data into strong evidence that insurance giants cannot ignore. When the chips are down, Michael knows how to keep the courtroom doors open to seek justice for you.

Before founding The Gumprecht Law Firm, Michael joined a small Atlanta firm. He handled minor disputes to emergency court hearings, then narrowing his focus toward personal injury cases.

Michael’s journey has been anything but ordinary. He finished his JD program at Liberty University in Virginia and attended rigorous programs that set him miles ahead of the competition. Each stage armed him with skills that make him the best in personal injury litigation.

Since relocating to Georgia in 2011, Michael has been a cornerstone in Marietta’s legal community. He is a lawyer who considers your win his personal mission.

When he isn’t working, he enjoys life with his wife, Lyndsay, and four daughters.

How We Can Help

Accidents don’t just leave physical scars; they disrupt your entire life. As your trusted personal injury lawyer in Marietta, Michael and his team understand the toll it can take.

Skyrocketing medical bills? We fight to get every dollar covered, ensuring you don’t pay for someone else’s mistake.

But, what can a personal injury lawyer do for you? Plenty, when every bill counts.

Imagine missing weeks of work and watching unpaid bills pile up. The stress is unbearable. We stand up for you, targeting lost wages that can cripple your finances. We aim to put you back in the same financial position you were in before the accident. Your livelihood is on the line; we’re here to defend it.

Property damage is more than crumpled metal and shattered glass. It’s a life thrown off course. Whether it’s your car, bike, or any other property, we ensure you get the compensation needed to replace or repair it. Don’t settle for less; your property is part of your life, and we aim to make it whole again.

Beyond the financials, there’s the emotional toll and the loss of life’s simple pleasures—like playing catch with your kids or enjoying a weekend hike. The mental strain and loss of enjoyment of life often go unnoticed but not by us. We advocate for your emotional well-being because a full recovery means regaining your life.

Important initial advice!

If you’ve sustained a personal injury in Marietta, you should contact a local legal team as soon as possible. The aftermath is crushing, but some actions can significantly affect your claim. 

Here’s a concise guide to what you should and shouldn’t do post-injury:

  • Stick to your medical regimen like glue: Follow-ups, medications, and physical therapy sessions aren’t optional; they’re your path to recovery. Skipping even one appointment sends the wrong signal to insurance companies. They might conclude your injuries are less severe than you claim, minimizing your compensation.
  • Watch your words, especially with insurance adjusters: Any casual conversation can be used against you. Offering even a small statement can lock you into details that may later prove inaccurate. Let your local personal injury attorney in Marietta handle these communications to avoid derailing your case.
  • Stay off social media: You’d be surprised how a single post can compromise your claim. A fun photo or a casual check-in at a restaurant could be all it takes for the insurance company to question the severity of your injuries. If you must use social media, be highly cautious. Better yet, go dark until your claim is resolved.
  • Consult a lawyer before accepting any offers or signing paperwork: Quick cash offers from insurance companies are often grossly undervalued. Instead, a personal injury lawyer will properly assess the worth of your claim, advising you on the best course of action and pushing for higher compensation.

By consulting with a skilled personal injury lawyer, you’re safeguarding your rights for just compensation. Take control of your case by making informed decisions.



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If you’ve been injured, don’t let the clock run out on your case—timing is crucial!

In Georgia, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is just 2 years from the date of the injury. Miss that window, and you’re out of luck, with no legal recourse to claim the compensation.

Sure, 2 years may seem like a long time, but gathering evidence, consulting experts, and building a strong case takes time. Plus, evidence can fade, and witnesses can forget details.

Think there are exceptions? You’re right, but they’re limited. For example, time is suspended if you’re legally incompetent or a minor, but  don’t count on these exceptions to save your case. Courts evaluate these on a case-to-case basis, adding uncertainty you don’t need.

Don’t gamble with time. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner you can focus on what really matters—your recovery.

Gathering Evidence

Gathering the proper evidence is key for a successful claim, and Michael and his team knows exactly what’s needed to build a strong case:

  • Police reports are invaluable. These official documents provide a third-party, unbiased account of the accident. They may include details like weather conditions, traffic violations, and parties involved. This information can help establish liability, so don’t underestimate their power!
  • Medical records offer a comprehensive look at the injuries you’ve sustained, the treatment you’ve received, and your ongoing health needs. They put a quantifiable number on the pain and suffering you’ve endured, making them a cornerstone of your case.
  • Eyewitness accounts can make or break a claim. Any witnesses can offer perspectives that may substantiate your case. In addition, expert testimonies can lend credibility, especially when technical or specialized knowledge is needed.
  • Visual evidence, such as photos & videos, can speak volumes, often capturing things that words can’t express. From the positioning of vehicles in a car accident to the severity of your injuries, they offer a compelling, undeniable narrative of events. Make sure to collect these as soon after the incident as possible.

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What Can I Expect to Pay?

We get it… cost can be a big concern when grappling with medical expenses and recovery. But there’s good news  — we operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning ZERO UPFRONT COSTS.

There are no hidden fees and no monthly bills. We start fighting for your rights without taking a cent from your pocket and only get paid when we win your case. This takes the pressure off you, allowing you to get better while we focus on winning.

Our attorney fees are a percentage of your personal injury lawsuit settlement. Put simply, the more you win, the more we win. It’s a win-win setup tailored for your financial security. Our goal? To get you the highest possible compensation for your pain and struggle.

What if the unexpected happens and you don’t win your case? You owe us nothing for our time and effort. Just note you may still be responsible for specific case-related expenses. But let’s focus on the bright side— we’re committed to fighting tirelessly for the justice you deserve.



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Why Choose Us Over Other Personal Injury Attorneys in Marietta, GA?

When you’re in pain, you want someone by your side every step of the way. That’s us.

We aren’t just about courtrooms and legal jargon. We’re about you. We work closely with you from the get-go, ensuring your concerns are addressed.

Life post-accident can be overwhelming. Insurance paperwork. Medical bills. Legal details. We take all that off your plate. We handle the nitty-gritty so you can focus on what matters most: your recovery.

Have you ever felt intimidated by insurance companies? Don’t be. We’re skilled negotiators, fighting relentlessly for your cause, understanding their tactics and knowing how to counter them.

Should your case go to trial, we’ll be fully committed to present a compelling case to the jury. We assemble strong evidence, consult experts, and build a watertight argument. In that courtroom, we are your voice, loud and clear.

Our commitment doesn’t end with a settlement or verdict. We continue to support you even after your case has concluded.

Need help with medical bill negotiations? Guidance on rehabilitation? We’re just a call away.

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What Clients Think of Us

Our clients’ words speak volumes about the level of service we provide.

After a distressing car accident in Woodstock:

“Michael and his team made sure everything was taken care of. Best injury lawyer in Georgia!”

We don’t just make promises; we deliver:

“Michael Gumprecht got my cousin SIX TIMES HIGHER than what I was promised by another firm. ONLY THIS LAWYER knows how to make insurance companies pay big.”

When the stakes are high, we aim higher:

“He was able to negotiate my original offer of $6,000 to $45,000 – a tremendous jump.”

Our commitment to client care sets us apart:

“Michael Gumprecht was always available and willing to assist during the process, which was surprisingly very timely.”



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Services we offer 

Accidents often occur due to negligence—someone else’s carelessness that could have been avoided. While they may not have intended harm, their oversight makes their insurance liable for your injuries. Our team specializes in holding these negligent parties accountable.

Some of the most common types of personal injury cases we excel in are:

Does Gumprecht Law Only Provide a Personal Injury Attorney in Marietta, GA?

Michael is a highly respected Cobb County personal injury lawyer, but also covers the following locations:

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