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Motorcycle accidents caused by other drivers improperly changing lanes are completely avoidable if motorists are paying attention. However, distracted driving has become frighteningly common across Georgia roadways. A driver who is looking at their phone or arguing with a passenger instead of paying attention to the road is at risk of drifting into the adjoining lane or changing lanes without looking to make sure the lane is clear. This scenario is dangerous for any nearby driver, but is often catastrophic for a motorcyclist.

If you or a loved one sustained injuries because another motorist changed lanes unsafely, our firm can protect your rights. The Gumprecht Law Firm is an award-winning personal injury practice with a proven track record of high-dollar damage recoveries. Lead attorney Michael Gumprecht is among only .04 percent of lawyers in Georgia to be invited to join the Million Dollar Advocates. The National League of Renowned Attorneys ranks Mr. Gumprecht among the Top 1% and the American Academy of Trial Lawyers named him a “Premier 100” trial attorney. When you work with Attorney Gumprecht, you know your case is in the hands of a highly experienced and distinguished legal professional.

Your accident may not conveniently happen during regular business hours. Yet, the department of transportation will not wait until you can talk to your lawyer when the office opens, and in the meantime may clear important evidence. You need your lawyer now. We remain on call 24/7 so you can talk to your attorney immediately after your crash, regardless of the day or time.

Do Not Buy Into the “I Didn’t See You” Excuse

After hitting a motorcyclist, a common argument used by the at-fault driver is “I didn’t see you.” This is not a viable excuse. Motorists have a duty to be on the lookout for other vehicles and roadway hazards before changing lanes to avoid accidents. By claiming he or she did not see you, the motorist is admitting they weren’t paying attention when they changed lanes, and ultimately, admitting fault for the crash.

“I looked, but you were in my blind spot” is another common excuse used by motorists who are at fault in unsafe lane changing accidents. A motorist has the duty to check blind spots, not just glance to the side before changing lanes. Checking so-called blind spots is easier than ever in newer vehicles with specially designed side mirrors, video monitoring, electronic sensors and alert systems, which we introduce as evidence to show that the motorist could have avoided the accident by using these available tools.

Countering the “Blame the Victim” Defense

Most bikers are experienced, careful riders. Unfortunately, the myth of the speeding motorcyclist, swerving in and out of traffic while popping wheelies prevails. Insurance companies perpetuate this false impression to shift the blame to the biker.

Attorney Michael Gumprecht uses your safe driving record, motorcycle courses you have attended and other evidence that you have a history of safe riding to validate your claim. Even if you exhibited a lack of safety while riding, to find you liable, the law requires evidence that your actions directly caused the crash. For example, the reckless action of riding on the shoulder of the road to skirt traffic would be irrelevant as to your liability for the accident if five minutes later you were T-boned as you legally passed through an intersection.

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