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3The rules of the road are designed to create order and to keep everyone safe. A person who violates a traffic code by running a red light or a stop sign puts other motorists in danger. That a driver who failed to yield is liable might seem straightforward, but proving the case takes a high degree of knowledge, experience and determination.
The Gumprecht Law Firm is a well-respected personal injury practice that handles only PI recovery claims. This allows us the opportunity to give our full attention to developing substantial resources and refining our approach to proving liability. Our attorney is trained in technology, and our law firm incorporates the latest legal tech tools.

In addition, we emphasize personal attention to each and every case. When you call our Georgia car accidents law firm, you speak to your attorney directly. This holds true from your first phone call until your case has concluded. By being directly involved in your case, our attorney can tailor his strategies to your individual circumstances, which relieves the stress of filing your claim and leads to better results.

In a testimonial, one of our car accident clients stated, “He was always available to us and made sure the final settlement worked for our family, and it was great.”

Our dedication to our individual clients and our high-dollar results have earned us such awards as being named to the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, American Academy of Trial Lawyers Premier 100, National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys Top 10 Under 40, and Distinguished Legal Advocates charter membership. See our attorney biography for more awards.

Investigating a Failure-to-Yield Claim

In the court of law, you cannot just state a fact—you must prove the fact through evidence. Preservation of evidence is, therefore, crucial to winning your rightful compensation, even if liability seems obvious to you. Ultimately, you must prove that you had the right to occupy the space at a given time and that the other driver did not.

Our attorney is aggressive about investigating your claim. We start immediately. If your accident happened after business hours or on the weekend, you have access to your lawyer right then and there so the investigation can begin before evidence is cleared and lost forever.

Steps we may take to investigate a failure-to-yield claim include:

  • Visiting the crash scene to measure debris scatter, photograph the accident and note other relevant details.
  • Talking to witnesses who may have seen whether the light was yellow or red when the car drove through it.
  • Looking for video cameras that may have been trained on the intersection and caught the accident on tape.
  • Subpoenaing phone records to determine if the person was talking on the phone or texting at the time of the accident.

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