Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

We’re far from your regular Sandy Springs personal injury lawyer. Instead, we’re reshaping the mold and ensuring that the focus is on you.

At Gumprecht Law, you aren’t just another person needing legal representation; you’re a cherished client that needs the pressure taken off while we chase justice through your insurance claim.

What genuinely differentiates us as a Sandy Springs injury attorney is an unwavering dedication to you. We recognize the anxiety and unpredictability associated with personal injury situations. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, combining legal expertise with empathetic support to ensure you’re not alone in your journey.

We aim to craft a persuasive case that gives you the strongest chance of victory. When you choose us, you’re not just getting legal representation; you’re gaining someone who will stand by your side every step.

Gumprecht Law: Personal Injury Lawyer in Sandy Springs, GA

We’re all about challenging norms — committed, contemporary, and outcomes-focused.

Your regular experienced Sandy Springs attorneys focus on old and tired methods, we’re diving into digital archives, dissecting metadata, and harnessing innovative tech to recreate incidents for juries. We use state-of-the-art technology to give you the upper hand.

Taking this approach allows us to set the bar higher rather than just maintain the status quo. If you’ve been involved in a serious accident or simply a minor one, you deserve legal support that’s progressive and focused on your needs.

Meet Your Sandy Springs Personal Injury Lawyer



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Michael Gumprecht is the visionary behind the firm and stands proud as an accomplished Georgia injury attorney

He melds premier legal expertise with the latest technology to advocate for your rights. Lauded and influential, he’s the Sandy Springs personal injury attorney you want in your corner against formidable insurance giants.

Before founding his own practice, Michael honed his skills at a multifaceted law firm in Atlanta where he’s won cases for clients across various areas of law. But today, his undivided attention is on you — the aggrieved. Boasting a myriad of commendations, such as being recognized as the Top Injury Attorney in North Georgia, his accomplishments are a testament to his prowess.

Michael isn’t just a typical attorney; he’s a tech expert, too. With a foundation in computer engineering and programming, he leverages this knowledge to uncover the electronic traces others often overlook. This combination can be essential, especially when your case hinges on complex nuances.

Since making Georgia his home in 2011, Michael has been a pillar in the community. Living in North Georgia with his wife and four daughters, he’s a family man that knows the impact pain and suffering from an injury has on family life.

How We Can Help

When life throws a curveball, and you’ve had an accident in Sandy Springs due to another party’s negligence, it’s so important you talk to a personal injury expert as soon as possible.

Accidents can fracture more than just the physical; they can upheave your entire life. At our office, we understand the significant impact they can leave, which is why we make it our mission to secure the compensation you genuinely need and rightfully deserve.

In times when every penny matters, we’re your go-to resource to help you fight for the following:

  • Loss of income: The pressure from not earning due to an accident can be immense. Our pledge is to reclaim lost earnings that jeopardize your financial footing, restoring your financial position as if the accident never happened.
  • Staggering medical bills: Our goal is to ensure you’re not left with the financial fallout from a negligent situation. We relentlessly pursue covering every expense.
  • Property damage: It’s not just about the broken bicycle or motorcycle; accidents interrupt life’s rhythm. Regardless of the extent of the damage to your belongings, we strive to get you the funds required for restoration or replacement.
  • Besides monetary concerns, there’s the emotional journey of healing. Small joys like playing with your children or savoring a nature walk may now feel distant. The emotional ripple effects might be overlooked by many, but not by us. We champion your emotional recovery every step you take.

Important Initial Advice!

After sustaining an injury, whether it’s a workplace slip and fall, a vehicular accident, or any other harm due to someone else’s negligence, heed these expert guidelines to safeguard your personal injury claim:

  • Consult a physician and adhere to their recommendations: Skipping appointments can backfire, as insurance entities are always observant. They might downplay the severity of your injuries, but don’t give them the opportunity. Remain committed to your medical regimen and you’ll stand strong when demanding rightful compensation from the at-fault party.
  • Exercise caution with your words: We understand… it’s so easy to stay positive and downplay your injuries and wellbeing. Even an innocent comment of “I’m doing okay” to the insurance company can be misconstrued. If you’re in doubt as to what to say, contact us and we’ll navigate the conversation with you.
  • Social media is NOT your friend: As tempting as it is to share and vent on social media, it’s much better to stay quiet. A single comment or a selfie can jeopardize your stance. Consider pausing your social media activity while we file your claim and get it resolved for you.

Uncertain about the claiming process? A no-obligation chat with our team could shift the dynamics. It’s risk-free and could significantly bolster your settlement prospects. Don’t hastily accept the initial proposal from an insurance firm. More often than not, it’s far below your entitlement.



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Injury victims are up against the clock, unfortunately.

Georgia law grants you 2 years from the injury date to establish your claim. Fail to meet this timeframe, and the door to claim shuts permanently.

While it might feel like 2 years is a long time, it’s not about submitting a form but the premise is about constructing a robust case. Engaging with us immediately after the mishap is in your best interest.

Yes, there are exceptions to this timeframe, but relying on any loopholes can be risky and simply aren’t worth relying on. Each case possesses its distinct complexities, and courts don’t hand out exemptions as if they’re promotional giveaways.

So, the quicker you speak to a lawyer, the easier life will be for you and the easier it is to build a strong case.

Gathering Evidence

To construct a compelling argument, there are some vital pieces of evidence that will help you. You can either collect these yourself or get us to do the legwork for you:

  • Eyewitness testimonies: Those who were at the time of your accident are vital in corroborating your “story”. These insights can elevate your case’s authenticity, mainly when intricate expertise is crucial.
  • Medical documentation: Health records relating to your injuries and treatment back up your liability claim and articulate the physical and emotional distress you’ve undergone.
  • Police reports: These authoritative records present an unbiased, independent depiction of the incident, encompassing vital specifics such as atmospheric conditions, road infractions, and involved parties. A thorough police report can be pivotal!
  • Visual evidence: being able to gather photo or video evidence is massive for your case since they carry a huge amount of weight, from the specifics of the accident locale to the gravity of your injuries.

While it’s imperative to secure all of the above elements promptly, we know how stressful it can be to go through the tape involved. So, why not let us do it for you?



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How Much Does it Cost?

Our fees are based on fairness and transparency — if we don’t win your case for you, you don’t us anything.

We work entirely on a contingency fee system, which means there are no sneaky hidden charges or those pesky monthly bills to stress about. So, while you’re on the mend and trying to get back to normal, we’re passionately putting in the hours, standing up for you in court. 

Now, you might wonder, “How do they get paid?” We simply take a flat percentage from the settlement we secure for you. 

We’re on this journey together. After all, it’s about teaming up and ensuring you get every bit of compensation you’re entitled to.

Why Choose Us Over Other Sandy Springs Personal Injury Attorneys?

Absolutely, any Sandy Springs personal injury attorneys could handle your case, but you need a legal team that prioritizes you above all else. Our firm stands out in a sea of legal options for its expertise and the genuine care and concern we extend to each client.

We recognize the tension and unpredictability of personal injury situations, so we’re dedicated to lifting that burden from your shoulders. It’s more than just a case for us; it’s about rebuilding lives and restoring hope. Our distinction lies in our steadfast dedication to our clients, always emphasizing commitment over mere outcomes.

As an experienced personal injury attorney in Sandy Springs, Michael and his team boast a history of securing significant victories. This is accomplished by diligently crafting cases for personal injury sufferers right from the outset, using a blend of compassion, skill, and determination.

What Clients Think of Us

It’s all well and good us saying how good we are, but here are just a few testimonials for you:

Great result!

“I saw the Gumprecht Law Firm had great reviews and saw they handle cases state-wide, so we called Michael. He stayed on the case personally from start to finish, and the final settlement was large. I’m so glad we didn’t call a billboard lawyer. Thank you, Michael Gumprecht, for truly caring and for handling our case to a great result!”

Great experience!

“Best experience I had with a lawyer!! I highly recommend Michael Gumprecht. This law firm handled it as if it was worth a million dollars – great job”

Thank you, Michael

“Attorney Michael Gumprecht did a great job handling our injury case. We were injured in Alpharetta, GA earlier this year when we were hit from behind. All bills were paid and we got a nice settlement, thank you for the great service!”

Very helpful

“Michael Gumprecht was very helpful handling my car accident case. He kept me up to date with what was going on from start to finish, and he got me more money than expected. He even checked to see how I was doing. Great lawyer and I recommend him to anyone that needs good representation.”

Our Services

Even if they didn’t mean to cause harm, someone should be held liable, which is why hiring the best personal injury lawyer in Sandy Springs, GA, is so important. That attorney will ruthlessly fight for what you deserve, and should be well-versed across the different personal injury legal disciplines.

As your reliable and seasoned Sandy Springs injury lawyer, Michael and his team currently focuses on the following personal injury cases:



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Does Gumprecht Law Only Provide a Personal Injury Attorney in Sandy Springs, GA?

While Michael operates as a personal injury lawyer in Fulton County, he doesn’t restrict his services so tightly, and is proud to serve the following areas in Metro Atlanta:

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