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Construction sites generally contain a number of toxic chemicals used for treating wood, insulating pipes, tiling roofs, painting and just about every other aspect of construction. Mishandling these chemicals can result in accidental exposure, leading to acute injuries or chronic diseases.

You have the right to a safe workplace in Georgia. The duty to keep jobsites safe extends beyond your employer to all companies working on the construction project. The Gumprecht Law Firm holds these companies accountable for your inhalation injuries caused by toxic chemical exposure.

We recommend you contact a Georgia construction accident attorney as soon as practicable before the company has an opportunity to dispose of the toxic material or scrub data that could prove the company’s responsibility. We are available 24/7 to pursue your rights. Our dedication to our clients and determination to win the maximum possible damages has earned Attorney Michael Gumprecht a lifetime membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Damages Caused by Toxin Inhalation

High-level exposure to toxic chemicals may cause acute poisoning that can result in unconsciousness, brain damage, nerve damage, pulmonary toxicity, organ failure, skin rash and impairment of sight, smell and taste. Long-term toxic exposure may lead to chronic diseases, including infertility, birth defects, lung disease and cancer.

To avoid dangerous exposure, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates employers attach labels and safety data sheets to the chemical containers and train employees to properly handle the toxic material and to protect themselves against exposure. Failure to take these basic safety steps is a violation of OSHA regulations and evidence of liability.

Workers’ Compensation for Inhalation Related Conditions

You may be entitled to workers’ compensation for your inhalation-related injuries. You are not required to prove fault, but you do need to demonstrate causation — that your injuries occurred on the worksite. Your workers’ compensation benefits cover your medical care and lost earnings during the period you were unable to work. Although these benefits are helpful in getting you the immediate care and financial support you need, workers’ compensation does not offer the full damages you may be entitled to. However, you may have a cause of action against a company that was on the jobsite with which you do not have an employment relationship.

For example, if you were overcome by tar fumes while working as a pipefitter on a construction project, you may have a cause of action against the roofing company for failing to take precautions to avoid exposure by workers on the site. You would remain eligible for workers’ compensation from your employer as you pursued damages from the roofing company.

Contact a Georgia Construction Accident Attorney for Information About Recovery for Inhalation Injuries

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