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Generally, the school bus is a safe form of transportation, resulting in fewer accidents than if all parents drove their children to school and picked them up at the end of the day. However, the fact that school bus accidents are rare is no consolation if your child is hit by a bus or injured while riding on the bus.

The Gumprecht Law Firm can protect your and your child’s rights after a school bus accident. Our Georgia car accident lawyer has a history of six- and seven-figure awards, which earned him a lifetime membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Equally important, he is there for you 24/7.

Qualifications of Georgia Bus Drivers

To become a school bus driver, the driver must obtain a commercial driver’s license and pass special tests to add their passenger and school bus endorsements. Furthermore, the school is responsible for vetting the drivers, including conducting comprehensive criminal background checks and traffic records. Failure to do so could put your children at risk if:

  • Driver has a history of violence or sexual assault.
  • Driver has a history of reckless or drunk driving.
  • Driver has tickets for speeding or other repeat traffic violations.
  • Driver has a medical condition that interferes with driving ability.
  • Driver is inexperienced at maneuvering a bus.
  • Driver is inexperienced at working with children.
  • Driver has a history of bus or car crashes.

Employer’s Liability for its Drivers

The employer is typically liable for accident injuries in addition to the driver. This concept is called respondeat superior and basically means that the employer is liable for actions of an employee who is acting within the scope of her or his employment. For example, the school would be liable for its driver who crashes because she is speeding or texting while taking your children on a field trip.

Suing a Georgia School District

Filing a claim against a Georgia school district is very different from suing another person or a corporation. The government entity has its own procedures and timing that differ from private schools and from district to district throughout Georgia. Of crucial importance, you need to file your notice of claim soon after the crash. You, therefore, cannot afford to delay talking to your lawyer about your claim.

Representing Georgia Minors

Our law firm puts your child’s interests first. We help your child through this ordeal, easing the stress and trauma associated with a school bus crash. We pursue the maximum possible damages so your family has the long-term resources to fully care for your child. For serious injury claims, we consider whether a special needs trust or another instrument is appropriate to protect your child’s access to settlement funds without jeopardizing her or his government disability benefits.

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