Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

In Atlanta, navigating the roads on a motorcycle brings a sense of freedom and excitement. However, it also exposes riders to risks, especially due to it having some of the worst bottlenecks in the country

Naturally, this brings out frustration from car drivers and motorcyclists, especially trying to weave in and out of traffic. The result is higher than average motorcycle accidents that weren’t your fault,  making the support of an experienced Atlanta motorbike accident lawyer indispensable.

The Gumprecht Law Firm is redefining what it means to stand by those who’ve faced the unexpected, focusing on our clients’ needs and well-being.

Our commitment to you genuinely sets us apart in the bustling city of Atlanta, known for its lively streets and, unfortunately, high accident rates. The unpredictability of motorcycle accidents demands expertise not only in personal injury strategy but also in understanding the emotional and physical toll on the motorcyclist. 

We aim to build a compelling case that maximizes your chances of success, providing you with a partner as invested in your recovery as you are. With us, you’re not just hiring injury lawyers but joining forces with a dedicated advocate ready to stand by your side.

About The Gumprecht Law Firm

Every time you turn on the TV or navigate through Atlanta’s bustling streets, you’re bombarded with yet another over-the-top ad from a personal injury attorney boasting grand promises. Many of these attorneys seem more invested in their own hype than in the critical task at hand – finding the advocate to defend your rights after a motorcycle crash.

Our focus is on the fine details of how your accident has turned your life upside down. We obsess over the minor points because they can dramatically impact the compensation you rightfully deserve.

We understand – this might be your only opportunity to set things straight with the insurance company. And, we see this as our chance to make a meaningful difference in your life.

Meet Your Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney



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Michael is a distinguished Atlanta motorbike accident attorney celebrated for his fierce commitment to justice for individuals suffering from vehicle accidents and other personal injuries. His expertise in technology allows him to uncover digital evidence that pressures major insurance companies to agree to his demands. Michael is fearless in the courtroom, where he consistently wins the maximum compensation for his clients.

Before establishing The Gumprecht Law Firm, Michael refined his legal skills at a boutique law office in Atlanta. He advocated for cases ranging from minor disputes to critical legal challenges. He defended his clients’ rights, demonstrating dedication in and outside the courtroom.

Over time, Michael focused his practice on representing the injured party, achieving significant settlements that underscored his expertise.

Michael chose Georgia as his home in 2011 and has been deeply involved in local community initiatives. He cherishes his life in North Georgia with his wife Lyndsay and their four daughters, where he continues to make a significant impact professionally and within the community.

Why Choose Us?

Indeed, any Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney might be able to represent your case, but finding a legal team that prioritizes your recovery is crucial.

The path to recovery after a motorcycle accident is fraught with both stress and uncertainty. Our goal is to remove that burden from your shoulders completely. We want you to get the best compensation you deserve!

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to our clients. We place the highest importance on fulfilling our pledge to you, focusing on the integrity of our approach as much as the results. Our experienced team of motorcycle accident attorneys boasts a track record of noteworthy wins, despite the myriad of motorcycle accident causes.

These achievements stem from our meticulous method of building robust cases for motorcycle accident victims.

What Clients Are Saying

Trust restored:

“After my bike collision, I was overwhelmed and skeptical about lawyers. Michael and the team restored my faith in legal support. It exceeded every expectation with their dedication and results.”

Justice Delivered:

“I never imagined I could get the justice and support I needed after my motorcycle got wrecked. The legal team relentlessly pursued securing a settlement that has truly changed my life for the better.”

Recovery Championed:

“Facing a mountain of medical bills and the stress of recovery, I felt lost. The team not only fought for my rightful compensation but also supported me emotionally throughout the process.”



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How Our Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Law Firm Can Help

Victims of motorcycle accidents caused by another’s recklessness often deserve compensation for their pain and suffering. Navigating claims can be complex, as insurance adjusters and at-fault parties typically try to reduce compensation amounts.

If you choose us to file a personal injury suit on your behalf, we help with the following:


  • Types of cases/what qualifies. We’ll clarify which incidents qualify for legal action, ensuring your case meets the motorcycle accident claim criteria.
  • Recovering lost wages. If your injuries have kept you from working, we’ll fight to compensate you for lost earnings now and in the future.
  • Help with medical bills. We aim to secure compensation that covers your current and ongoing medical expenses resulting from the accident.
  • Property damage. We’ll assess the damage to your motorcycle and any other property, seeking full restoration or compensation for your losses.
  • Emotional recovery. Recognizing the trauma that comes with accidents, we advocate for compensation that addresses your emotional and psychological healing.
  • Wrongful death.

Important Initial Advice!

Considering the severe consequences of motorcycle accidents, victims frequently face various challenges. Similarly, motorcycle accident cases present complexities due to the potential involvement of multiple liable parties, including the negligent driver, vehicle manufacturers, or governmental entities responsible for road maintenance. 

On your part, it’s crucial to heed the following recommendations:

  • Attend all medical appointments and follow expert advice
  • Stay off social media
  • Don’t accept the first offer from the insurance company
  • Be careful with language used in comms with the insurance company
  • Get in touch with Atlanta motorcycle accident attorneys

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Time is of the essence. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, there’s no room to pause and ponder your next steps.

In Georgia, the law allows you a strict two-year window from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. Miss this period, and your opportunity for legal recourse is lost.

Two years may appear enough, but it’s not. With time, evidence deteriorates, witness recollections become less reliable, and the accumulation of necessary paperwork mounts. Initiating a lawsuit involves more than just paperwork; it demands the construction of a compelling case. It’s imperative to seek counsel from a motorcycle accident attorney promptly after the incident.

Gathering Evidence

To build a strong case, you need to get substantial evidence. Here’s what we will need from you:

  • Police documentation. Official police reports can provide a detailed and unbiased account of the accident, establishing key facts and faults.
  • Medical records. These documents are crucial for demonstrating the extent of your injuries, the treatment received, and ongoing medical needs, directly linking them to the accident.
  • Eyewitness statements. Testimonies from witnesses can offer valuable perspectives on the accident, corroborating your account of events and strengthening your case.
  • Photo/video evidence. Visual evidence can vividly capture the accident scene, injuries, and any damages, providing powerful proof of the circumstances and impact of the crash.

Make sure to collect all these pieces as soon as possible.

If you’re not in the best condition to do this, call us to help you gather them.




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What Can I Expect to Pay?

We’re acutely aware of the financial strain that follows a motorcycle accident, especially with mounting medical expenses. Here’s a silver lining—our legal assistance comes at NO UPFRONT COST to you, as we work on a contingency fee basis.

Our fee is a portion of our settlement in your motorcycle accident case. Simply put, the more we win for you, the better the outcome for all involved. This setup is crafted with your financial health in mind.

Furthermore, we offer a free case evaluation, ensuring that reaching out and considering your legal options is entirely without risk.

Services We Offer

Accidents, particularly motorcycle injuries, frequently occur due to negligence. Even without an intention to cause harm, the at-fault party’s disregard for safety makes their insurance liable for covering your severe injuries. Atlanta’s leading motorcycle accident attorney ensures those responsible are held accountable.

As your committed and experienced Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney, we manage a broad range of cases across personal injury, allowing us to bring together a combined expertise to your case:

Other Locations We Serve

While we label ourselves Fulton motorcycle accident lawyers, we have no geographic limits. We are proud to serve the following locations in Atlanta’s greater area:

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