Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

A mobile power-propelled truck, referred to as a forklift, is a common piece of equipment on every construction site. A forklift enables workers to lift, push, pull, carry and stack heavy materials – tasks that would be impossible to perform manually. However, in addition to being some of the most useful machines on a construction site, forklifts are also some of the most dangerous. Workers are in constant danger of being hit, run over or having a load dropped on top of them with catastrophic consequences.

The Gumprecht Law Firm protects your rights if you were injured by a forklift in Georgia. Our firm only handles personal injury claims so we can deliver highly focused, experienced representation in all cases. Our emphasis on personal attention, detailed research and the aggressive pursuit of victims’ rights has earned us several honors, including membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

We urge you not to delay in seeking legal advice with a Georgia construction accident attorney after a forklift accident. Investigation during the immediate aftermath of a construction site accident is crucial. The companies who caused your accident will destroy evidence, either accidentally in the regular course of construction or purposely to avoid liability. Our firm demands an order to prevent alteration to the scene and the equipment and deletion of important electronic records held by the companies.

Georgia Forklift Operator Certification and OSHA Compliance

Georgia requires forklift operators to be certified. To pass the certification test, forklift operators are expected to understand how to operate the machine, including important safety practices. Workers generally take a class through either an outside consultant or their employer. The employer is responsible for confirming that all forklift operators are qualified, and can be held liable if a non-qualified employee causes an accident that injures a third party.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that employers evaluate forklift operators upon hire and at least every three years. Employers must maintain certification records for three years or since the most recent training. The National Safety Council (NSC) and several private companies offer hands-on operations and safety skills classes at the workplace.

A company that violates these regulations may be liable for injuries caused by the forklift operator. Our attorneys investigate whether the company followed the law regarding certification, training, operation and safety policies.

Your Right to Compensation

You probably know that you have the right to workers’ compensation to pay for medical bills and wage loss arising from a forklift accident. Did you know that you may also have a cause of action against a negligent third-party contractor?

For example, if you were a forklift operator, you may have a cause of action against an excavation company that failed to shore up a trench, resulting in a rollover accident. If you were employed by another company, you may have a claim against the forklift company for dropping a load on you or running you over with the machinery.

You can pursue both the workers’ compensation claim and the civil lawsuit simultaneously. This will deliver immediate relief through your workers’ compensation benefits as you pursue your rightful long-term damages.

Call a Georgia Construction Accident Attorney to Learn About Your Rights

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