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All-terrain vehicles are often treated like toys. However, this perception is far from reality. Close to 15,000 people have died in ATV accidents over the past 25 years, and more than 100,000 people have been treated at emergency rooms for their ATV-related injuries. These dangerous all-terrain vehicles are clearly not toys, and recovery of compensation is no game.
The Gumprecht Law Firm focuses exclusively on personal injury recovery. This level of focus allows us to put the full breadth of our experience, knowledge and resources into handling every case. Our founding attorney has earned a lifetime membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which only .04 percent of attorneys in Georgia have earned and is reserved for those who have won seven-figure recoveries.

When you call The Gumprecht Law Firm, you can expect to have access to your attorney 24/7. If you call right now, you speak to your attorney instead of a paralegal or a secretary. Your lawyer handles your claim at every stage, starting from your first free case evaluation through investigation, discovery, settlement negotiations and trial if necessary. Your lawyer is thoroughly familiar with your claim and can take decisive action to move your claim forward toward maximum recovery.

Our approach has paved the way to high-dollar recoveries in ATV accident claims. But, equally important, our approach relieves some of the stress associated with medical and legal recovery.

Why ATVs Are Dangerous

The small size and lighter horsepower of ATVs can give the false impression that they are safer than cars. However, ATVs are being built to travel at faster speeds, some reaching upwards of 50 mph. Even at low speed, accidents are common on the sloped, uneven, rocky, sandy, muddy and wet terrains ATVs are built for.

Riders and passengers are often thrown from the vehicle if it hits a stump or a tree. Although built for inclines, riders have no way to distinguish when a hill is too steep, making ATVs prone to rollovers. Without seat belts or any cushion to absorb the blow, these accidents can result in brain damage, spinal cord injuries, crush injuries and fractures.

Our law firm is skilled at demonstrating the nature and extent of your injuries. We calculate damages and demand your insurance company or third party make you whole.

Georgia ATV Laws

Georgia laws place few restrictions on the operation of ATVs. For example, children who are not old enough to drive may operate ATVs off-road. While riding at an ATV training course is helpful, it is not mandatory under Georgia law. This is important because your insurance agency may claim you took an unnecessary risk by driving an ATV or allowing your child to ride on one.

The Gumprecht Law Firm knows the law backward and forward. We defend your rights to compensation for your injuries.

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