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How to avoid a car accident | 7 tips everyone should follow

Jan 9, 2015 - Car Accidents

Accidents can have immense negative effects on a human being, often stretching beyond monetary loss to psychological trauma and personal losses. Yet sometimes, you can try and try but still fail to avoid it. Here are seven well thought tips for you to veer away as much as possible from car accidents.

1. Take good care of your vehicle: The expression, “Prevention is better than a cure” is no different when it comes to automobile accidents. Periodic servicing and maintenance go a long way and will help you keep your car in good shape. Get your tires, engines, lights and brakes checked at least once every couple of months.

2. Stay alert: This may sound redundant, but over 4% of accidents take place because the driver was drowsy or too tired to drive. Ensure that you are always aware of your surroundings. Playing loud music or receiving calls might distract you from the traffic. Hands-free speakers for most smartphones are readily available in the market.

3. Check and recheck: It never hurts to be extra careful. Keep a mindful eye on the positioning of the rear-view mirror, and both the side mirrors and if your car is driven by more than one person, always remember to adjust the driver’s seat as well as the mirrors before you begin.

4. Look both ways: Like crossing a road on foot, an intersection can always be a tricky place for drivers. More than often, most people are always in a hurry and choose to rush past even if there is a red light. It is always safe to look at both sides before zooming through an intersection. Don’t forget to use the right indicator! If you’ve any kind of vision impairment, wearing lenses at night is safer since it reduces the risk of becoming blinded by the occasional ‘high beamer.’

5. Lights: Driving in the dark is always tricky so quick knowledge and good tactics when it comes to using your headlights is a must. While drivers don’t like to be blinded by oncoming traffic but high beams are also useful before taking a sharp turn. Rear lights and indicators should always be used when braking or taking a turn.

6. Don’t overcompensate: Know the imitations of your car and your driving skills. Not everyone has a sports-car nor the expertise of a racer. Avoid fast lanes, manoeuvre your vehicle per its capabilities and keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

7. Follow laws: Accidents don’t just affect you, they involve others too. Follow driving laws so that you can avoid putting anyone at risk. Remember, it’s never only the other person’s responsibility is yours as well.

Apart from these, carry a spare tire, coolant and brake fluid in case of emergencies. Also, a first-aid kit never hurt anyone. For long drives, it might be handy to keep a fully charged spare phone in the glove compartment just in case you are stuck somewhere and your iPhone battery runs out. If you or a loved one have been in a car accident contact The Gumprecht Law Firm at 678-800-1050.