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The 5 Most Dangerous Roads & Highways in Georgia

Jun 1, 2024 | Car Accidents

Georgia’s highways are vital for getting around, but some are downright dangerous. The state has a higher rate of road accidents compared to national averages, making awareness of the most dangerous roads in Georgia essential. The most perilous roads in Georgia witness too many accidents, resulting in severe injuries and even deaths.  These treacherous conditions have drivers feeling anxious during their daily commutes, worrying about their safety. The situation gets worse with heavy traffic, bad road conditions, and reckless drivers adding to the risks. To tackle these dangers, drivers must know which roads to watch out for. With this knowledge, Georgians can be proactive, steering clear of trouble spots and driving cautiously to stay safe.   These are the most dangerous roads in Georgia Georgia’s highways carry millions of residents and visitors every year, but some roads are demonstrably more dangerous than others. Based on a recent data analysis by MoneyGeek, these roads are:  Rank Road  City 1  Moreland Ave. (Georgia 42) Atlanta 2 I-20 Decatur 3 I-285 Atlanta 4 Georgia 85 Riverdale 5 Old National Hwy. (Georgia 279) Atlanta   The most dangerous highway in Georgia: Moreland Avenue (State Route 42) A stretch of Moreland Avenue (also known as State Route 42) is the deadliest highway stretch in Georgia. This 5-mile section runs through Atlanta’s eastern suburbs, specifically from South River Industrial Boulevard Southeast to Wylie Street Southeast.  Here’s a closer look at the factors contributing to its danger: High Crash Rate: This section of Moreland Avenue has the highest […]

Average Settlement For a Traumatic Brain Injury in Georgia

May 31, 2024 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

The average settlement for a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Georgia can range drastically from $700,000 to $10 million. As you would expect, whether the injury is catastrophic or mild plays a big part due to the different levels of medical care and emotional toll they exert on the victim. Average settlement for traumatic brain injuries by type Below, we explore the distinctions in settlements for catastrophic brain injuries and mild traumatic brain injuries so you can see how they might apply to you or your loved one. Catastrophic brain injuries The average catastrophic brain injury settlement amount is around $1.5 million to $10 million. These injuries are life-altering, leading to severe cognitive impairment, permanent disability, or even death. The high compensation reflects the need for extensive long-term medical care, rehabilitation, and ongoing support. Victims of catastrophic brain injuries often require round-the-clock care and assistive devices, which significantly increase the financial burden. Additionally, these settlements account for the loss of earning potential and the profound emotional and psychological impact on both the accident victim and their family. Achieving fair compensation in such cases provides the necessary resources for victims to adapt to the profound changes in their lives and ensures that they receive the care and support they need moving forward. Mild traumatic brain injury settlements Settlements for a mild traumatic brain injury lawsuit range from $700,000 to $1.2 million. Although these injuries are less severe compared to catastrophic brain injuries, they can still have significant effects on an individual’s quality of […]