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What to do After a Motorcycle Accident in Georgia (7 Tasks)

Feb 23, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents

If you need to know what to do after a motorcycle accident in Georgia (and any state, really), then the first step is to call 911 for medical attention and to get the police involved. Once you’ve done that, to protect your legal rights, we advise you to contact an experienced lawyer. Dealing with the aftermath of a traffic incident, particularly what to do after a motorcycle accident, can feel daunting. That’s why getting expert advice is so important. This guide outlines the crucial steps to protect your rights and navigate smoothly towards recovery. From the initial impact to the ultimate resolution, we stand ready to assist you in confidently and clearly navigating through each essential task.   What to do after a motorcycle accident in Georgia In the bewildering moments following a motorcycle collision, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with stress and uncertainty. Knowing what to do after motorcycle accident situations can make all the difference in securing your rights and ensuring your well-being. Therefore, it’s vital to keep a level head and follow a series of strategic steps that can aid you legally and medically:  1. Check for injuries and call 911 If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, assuming that you’re able to move and are conscious, the first thing you should do is check yourself for injuries and call 911 for emergency medical assistance from an ambulance crew. If possible, also check on any passengers or other parties involved in the accident.  Even if you […]

Motorcycle Accident Causes: 10 Primary Motorcycle Crash Factors

Feb 23, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents

Loss of control, speeding and impaired driving are the leading motorcycle accident causes, all resulting from a multitude of factors that, when analyzed, reveal both preventable and uncontrollable causes.  By delving into the key factors behind motorcycle crashes, our goal is to illuminate the risks of riding and offer valuable insights on preventing accidents. What is the primary cause of motorcycle crashes? How do many motorcycle crashes happen? Well, most motorcycle crashes occur due to a loss of control, often precipitated by speeding, which hampers reaction time and safe maneuvering. This is why it is essential for riders to always adhere to speed limits and practice safe riding techniques. For a more detailed exploration of the myriad causes leading to motorcycle accidents, the following list breaks down the common factors contributing to these unfortunate events. From rider-error to environmental hazards, these causes demonstrate the need for constant vigilance when operating a motorcycle. But, no matter the cause of injuries. If it was due to someone’s else’s negligence and you’re in Georgia, call our law firm to speak to a Duluth personal injury lawyer for a free consultation 5 Motorcycle accident causes caused by the rider When investigating what causes motorcycle accidents, it becomes clear that the rider’s actions often play a pivotal role. Human error is a significant factor and can encompass a range of behaviors, from judgment lapses to a blatant disregard for safety protocols.  1. Speeding So, what is the primary cause of motorcycle crashes? It should come […]

$1,300,000 for Motorcycle Accident Victim

Jan 15, 2016 | Firm News

Michael E. Gumprecht of The Gumprecht Law Firm just obtained $1.3 million dollars for the young victim of a motorcycle accident who survived with permanent injuries. Due to his early involvement in the case, the full limits of all insurance policies were discovered and obtained in just a few months…