Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

We’re far from your conventional Fayetteville personal injury lawyer —we reshape standards.

At Gumprecht Law, our ethos is that you shouldn’t be seen as just another file on the shelf but as a valued client.

Our distinction from other firms lies in our dedication to you. Recognizing the emotional whirlwind of personal injury claims, we’re dedicated to crafting a formidable case for the best possible outcome.

We don’t just represent; we champion your cause.

Gumprecht Law: Personal Injury Lawyer in Fayetteville, GA

While many Fayetteville personal injury lawyers are poring over out-dated tactics, our focus is on leveraging the latest technology to scrutinize metadata and recreate accidents for juries.

Doing this gives us the tactical edge to win your case, ease your pain and suffering and ensure you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Not only that but you have direct access to us 24/7, which underpins the genuine respect we have for our clients.

Meet Your Fayetteville Personal Injury Lawyer



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Having already established himself as a top-rated Atlanta personal injury attorney, Michael Gumprecht went on to establish The Gumprecht Law Firm to carve his legal niche around technology to help support those injured in an accident.

Before building his own firm, Michael honed his skills at a multifaceted practice in Atlanta. While he’s championed many causes, his undivided attention is on you. His impressive roll of honors, including the Top Injury Attorney in North Georgia, is a testament to his caliber.

But, Michael isn’t just a seasoned attorney; he’s backed by a foundation in computer engineering and programming, which he leverages to unearth digital evidence often overlooked by many. This rare blend of skills can be the critical player in cases where intricate details are needed.

On a personal level, Michael has resided in Georgia since 2011 and now resides in the north of the state with his beloved wife and four daughters.

How We Can Help

When unforeseen events lead to an accident in Fayetteville, GA, it’s essential to have an experienced personal injury attorney by your side to help fight for the following:

  • Medical expenses: Our mission is to shield you from the financial repercussions of another’s negligence. We’re relentless in ensuring every penny is accounted for on your behalf.
  • Missed wages: We aim to restore your financial footing and return you to a position reminiscent of pre-accident days.
  • Wholistic healing: Emotional and financial recovery should be in balance. The simple pleasures in life often slip by the wayside as you recovery from an injury — we’re unwavering in our support for your psychological recovery. 
  • Property damage: Regardless of the extent of damage to your belongings, we pledge to secure the funds necessary for its restoration or replacement.

Important Initial Advice!

Following an accident injury, follow these professional recommendations to safeguard your personal injury claim: 

  • Exercise discretion in your communications: Be careful with your wording to the insurance company. Even an innocent, positive comment from you regarding your injuries can be taken as if your injuries don’t warrant maximum compensation.
  • Stay off social media: Sharing on social media platforms could be detrimental during an ongoing claim, and a single image or comment could jeopardize the prospects of your case.
  • Consult a physician and adhere to their counsel: Failing to stick to medical appointments and advice could go against you. Insurance agencies are observant and ready to downplay the severity of your injuries and can use this against you.

Unsure about initiating your claim? Get in touch with us for a FREE consultation to change the trajectory of your case. Resist the temptation of hastily accepting initial offers from insurance entities, as they frequently undervalue your rightful due. Instead, talk to a seasoned personal injury attorney for a better settlement.



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Under Georgia law, a time window of two years is allotted from the injury date to establish your claim.

In filing a case, two years isn’t really that long since it can take a while to gather evidence and witnesses’ memories blur. This isn’t merely about submitting a document; it’s a strategic assembling of a strong case.

Some possible exceptions include age-related considerations or legal impediments precluding timely filing. However, reliance on such loopholes is risky. Judges don’t dispense exceptions with the liberality as each case differs.

In essence, delay is detrimental. Swift legal representation benefits your insurance claims. 

Gathering Evidence

To construct a compelling argument, the collection of solid evidence is crucial. Here’s what you need to gather:

  • Witness Statements: First-hand witnesses can be pivotal in swaying your case and getting the payout you may be entitled to, especially when a deeper understanding or specialized expertise is beneficial.
  • Law Enforcement Reports: These give a neutral overview of the incident, capturing vital details like environmental conditions, any traffic offenses, and the individuals involved. An in-depth law enforcement report can significantly sway the case in pinpointing responsibility.
  • Visual Evidence: Photographic and video evidence can tell a story in a way that mere words might fail to capture. Such visual testimonials are impactful, ranging from showcasing the details of the incident location to the gravity of your injuries.
  • Health Records: These documents give an all-encompassing view of your injuries, the medical interventions you’ve undergone, and any continued medical needs.

Our best advice is to start to gather the above evidence as soon as you can. Better still, get in touch with us so we can do the hard work for you, allowing you to focus on recovery.



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What Can I Expect to Pay?

We operate on a contingency fee only — we’ll only invoice you when we win your case.

Our primary objective is managing the legal battle while you focus on healing, so you won’t get any monthly billing or hidden costs from our firm.

If we don’t manage to win your case, you won’t us anything; it’s really that simple!

Why Choose Us Over Other Fayetteville Personal Injury Attorneys?

The real difference in finding the best personal injury lawyer in Fayetteville, GA is having an attorney behind you that prioritizes your interests above all else.

Grasping the anxiety and doubts that come hand-in-hand with personal injury cases, we are committed to alleviating that burden from your shoulders. Our success stems from our systematic approach, crafting a solid case for personal injury victims.

What Clients Think of Us

Here are just a few of the kind comments our clients have to say:

Priority and precision:

“Even though I reside in Ellenwood, GA, The Gumprecht Law Firm made me their priority every step of the way. From promptly addressing my concerns to keeping my best interests at the forefront during negotiations, I received nothing less than five-star service.”

Distance is not a barrier:

“Michael Gumprecht took my case to court in Clarke County, and the outcome was outstanding. Despite the distance, their commitment knew no bounds.”

Professional and hardworking:

“In the wake of a rear-end collision in Cobb County, I was fortunate to have the Gumprecht Law Firm by my side. Their ethical and hardworking approach ensured I received 100% of the other driver’s insurance policy. When you’re in an auto accident, there’s no other firm I’d recommend.”

A hero:

“I nicknamed Michael Gumprecht ‘Superman’ when I hired him, and he lived up to the title in court! After a car accident left me with a broken foot, Michael relentlessly pursued the insurance company until they paid out an amount I couldn’t have imagined.”

Services We Offer

As a Fayetteville injury lawyer, Michael is experienced in handling the following of personal injury cases:



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Does Gumprecht Law Only Provide a Personal Injury Attorney in Fayetteville, GA?

While Michael practices as a personal injury lawyer in Fayette County, he’s proud to serve the following areas in Metro Atlanta:

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