Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

At Gumprecht Law, you’re not merely another file on the shelf but a respected client. Our ultimate goal? Content clients and rightful justice.

Our true distinction lies in our dedication to you. We grasp the tension and unpredictability of personal injury situations and are devoted to alleviating that burden from you.

As a highly respected East Point personal injury lawyer, Michael and his team is here to craft a powerful case with the highest likelihood of success.

Gumprecht Law: Personal Injury Lawyer in East Point, GA

Gumprecht Law defies conventional expectations from a law firm. We’re committed, contemporary, and focused on outcomes.

We’ll have someone you can contact around the clock, as respect fuels our client service ethos.

While others lawyers are thumbing through antiquated law books, we’re shaping a new norm and focusing on the latest tech innovations to scrutinize metadata to help build your personal injury lawsuit.

Meet Your East Point Personal Injury Lawyer



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Michael is the visionary behind The Gumprecht Law Firm, standing out as a distinguished Atlanta GA personal injury lawyer.

Before establishing his own practice, Michael crafted his knowledge at a law firm in Atlanta. Boasting an impressive array of awards, like the Top Injury Attorney in North Georgia, his prior achievements mean he has the know-how to protect your rights and guide you through the legal process of making a claim.

Shatter any preconceived notions—he has unparalleled legal acumen with innovative technology to advocate for your rights. He’s the East Point personal injury attorney you need when challenging formidable insurance companies. 

But Michael isn’t solely a lawyer; he’s also a tech whiz. With roots in computer engineering and coding, he harnesses this knowledge to unearth the digital clues that many overlook. This specialized expertise can be crucial, especially when intricate specifics can swing the outcome of your case.

On a personal level, Michael has been a dynamic force in the community. Living in North Georgia with his cherished wife and four children, he splits his time devoted to his family and his clients.

How We Can Help

When life veers off course and you experience an accident, turn to a personal injury attorney in East Point for trusted counsel.

Accidents don’t just fracture bones; they can derail your life. At our firm, we understand the profound impact they can exert. With deep knowledge of personal injury law, we’re primed to fight for the compensation you rightly deserve.

So, how can we assist you during such trying times? When every expense seems monumental, we’re your beacon of clarity:

  • Skyrocketing medical bills: Our goal is to shield you from the financial aftermath of another’s negligence. We zealously champion your cause to ensure every penny is accounted for.
  • Picture the distress of missing consecutive days at work: The ensuing tension can be immense. We are dedicated to reclaiming lost income that jeopardizes your financial equilibrium. Our vision is to restore you to a position akin to your pre-accident status.
  • Property damage transcends just mangled vehicles, bicycles, or homes: An accident blows the rhythm of your daily life. No matter the extent of harm to your belongings, we strive to secure the funds necessary for restoration or replacement. Settling for mediocrity isn’t our style. Ideally, we aim to replace or enable you to acquire anew.

Apart from the fiscal concerns, the journey of emotional healing looms large. Simple joys like tossing a ball with your children or savoring a nature trail might appear as distant memories. Such emotional upheavals might fly under the radar for many, but not by us. Championing your mental health is an integral part of our mission.

Important Initial Advice!

After sustaining an injury, be it a workplace slip and fall accident, a vehicular collision, or any harm inflicted due to another’s negligence, follow these tips to fortify your personal injury case:

  • Consult a medical professional and adhere to their guidance: Neglecting visits can prove detrimental, as insurance entities are perpetually vigilant. They’ll undermine the severity of your injuries, so it’s best if you remain consistent with your therapy to bolster your chances of securing compensation. 

  • Tread with caution in your communications: It’s understandable that the call from an insurance agent can be overwhelming amidst pain and anxiety. Even an innocent comment can be manipulated against you. Contact us if you’re not sure what to say.

  • Social media isn’t your ally in this: Sharing might be second nature, but it’s advisable to restrain while your claim is pending. An accidental photo or offhand remark might jeopardize your case, so avoid posting online; perhaps even consider a temporary hiatus until matters are settled.

Uncertain about the claims process? An initial, complimentary session with our team might pivot the trajectory of your case. Resist the temptation of an early settlement from insurance parties; these proposals often undervalue your rightful entitlement. Instead, consult us for a no-risk proposition.



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Georgia statutes allow 2 years from the injury date to lodge your claim.

If you think this is enough time and you can relax for a bit before you start the process, think again. Evidence ages, witnesses’ memories blur, and bureaucratic red tape accumulates. This journey extends beyond the mere submission of documents; it entails the meticulous construction of a strong case. Prioritizing immediate consultation with us to you don’t run out of time.

Too often we see people delaying to file a claim thinking they don’t have to straight away or that they’ll be mitigating circumstances to this 2-year rule. Sure, exceptions exist, but that doesn’t mean they’ll apply to you.

Postponement is detrimental—in insurance claims, each moment is invaluable, and a proactive approach can significantly improve your chances of a victory.

Gathering Evidence

To construct a strong case, gathering substantial evidence is necessary. Here’s the essential information we’ll need:

  • Eyewitness accounts: Eyewitnesses can supply invaluable perspectives that corroborate your claim. Furthermore, expert testimonies can bolster credibility, mainly when specialized expertise is required.
  • Police reports: These official documents contain crucial specifics as to weather conditions, traffic infractions, and involved parties. A comprehensive police report can wield significant influence in ascertaining liability.
  • Visual evidence: Photographs and videos weave a compelling narrative of the events, capturing nuances that words don’t show. Visual evidence conveys a wealth of information, from intricate accident scene details to the gravity of your injuries.
  • Medical records: Your medical documentation offers a comprehensive insight into your injuries, treatment regimen, and ongoing healthcare needs. These records quantify the pain and suffering you’ve endured, forming the foundation for your compensation.

If you’re finding gathering the above evidence too much of a chore, reach out to us so we can take the burden away.



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What Can I Expect to Pay?

At our firm, we operate solely on a contingency fee structure.

What does this mean for you? Zero hidden expenses and no recurring monthly invoices. In essence, we don’t collect a single cent until we secure victory in your case. While you concentrate on your recovery, we’re tirelessly championing your cause in the courtroom.

If we don’t secure a favorable outcome for your case, you don’t us anything. We’re fully committed to pursuing victory, and together, we’ll strive to attain the payment rightfully owed to you.

Why Choose Us Over Other East Point Personal Injury Attorneys?

Any East Point personal injury attorneys could handle your case, but what truly matters is finding a legal team that prioritizes your well-being.

We know the anxiety and ambiguity that result in personal injury claims, which is precisely why it’s our primary objective to alleviate all the stress from your shoulders.

Our dedication to clients distinguishes us, emphasizing our commitments above mere outcomes. Michael and his team boasts a strong history of securing significant victories. These aren’t by chance, either, but are a result of our meticulous approach to crafting compelling cases for personal injury victims right from the outset.

What Clients Think of Us

Here’s what our happy clients have to say about us: 

Thanks for the care!

“If you have a big accident, this is who you need to call. I am so happy I found The Gumprecht Law Firm because Michael is a real trial lawyer who knows how to get a big outcome. I looked at a bunch of lawyers and chose Michael because he was smart, hard working and knew how to make the insurance pay me something fair and large. Thanks for taking care of me!”

Flawless experience

“Our experience with Michael Gumprecht has honestly been flawless, unlike some horror stories I’ve heard from people who hire the wrong law firm. Thank you for the excellent victory after our car accident!”


“Michael Gumprecht says what he means. When you have questions or concerns, he immediately responds to you so you know what’s going on with your case. I would highly recommend Michael Gumprecht to anyone.”

Services We Offer

As an East Point injury lawyer firm, we offer a diverse range of personal injury services. We’re confident we can meet your needs, no matter your situation:

Does Gumprecht Law Only Provide a Personal Injury Attorney in East Point, GA?

While Michael practices as a personal injury lawyer in Fulton County, he and his team have no geographic limits, proudly serving the following Metro Atlanta locations:

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