Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence and need to file a personal injury claim, it’s time to consult with a respected Lawrenceville injury attorney.

Your ability to fully recover can hang in the balance, but working with a Lawrenceville personal injury lawyer can mean the difference between compensation that covers your full range of losses and compensation that does not.

Gumprecht Law: Personal Injury Lawyer in Lawrenceville GA

At The Gumprecht Law Firm, Michael and his team takes a results-driven approach – rather than blasting the airways with overly excited advertisements or littering the highways with in-your-face billboards. If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, the decisions you make moving forward will directly affect your future, which makes having the focused legal guidance of an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer to your advantage.

We take the time to get to know our clients and the ins and outs of their claims – ensuring that your physical, financial, and emotional losses are well represented in the process. We don’t rest on our laurels, and we put the full force of our impressive experience behind every case. Obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled is critical to your overall recovery, and we never lose sight of this fact.

Meet your Lawrenceville Personal Injury Lawyer 



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Michael Gumprecht is the founding attorney of The Gumprecht Law Firm – proudly serving Lawrenceville and all of Gwinnett County – and his experience and unique skill set leave him very well positioned to help those harmed by the negligence of others. Michael has a strong computer background that is well suited to effectively and efficiently compile the kind of digital evidence that often drives high settlements. 

Michael, his wife, and their four daughters are committed to their community of North Georgia, and he and his wife prioritize local causes. A member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, the State Bar of Georgia, and the American Bar Association, Michael has earned all the following accolades:

  • Lifetime Member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Super Lawyer, Rising Star status from 2018 to current
  • #1 Injury Attorney in North Georgia from 2017 to current on and from 2021 to 2023 on 

This list could go on, but the outpouring of recognition speaks to Michael’s focused commitment to his clients’ best interests.  

How We Can Help

If you’ve been injured in Lawrenceville as a result of another person or entity’s negligence, the path forward can be challenging. We appreciate the difficulties you face and have the experience and legal insight to help in a range of primary ways that include:

  • Identifying your covered medical expenses
  • Demonstrating your lost income
  • Cataloging your physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Skillfully gathering and compiling all the evidence necessary
  • Speaking on your behalf with the insurance rep
  • Being well prepared to address your case in court  

When you have a formidable injury law attorney in your corner, you can expect the process to include several basics that represent the building blocks of every strong personal injury law case. This is where we can help you.

Important Initial Advice!

In the aftermath of a personal injury accident, there are several important initial steps that can help you protect your claim and your fair compensation:

Defer to Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Anything that you say at the scene of the accident or to the insurance company handling your claim can reverberate throughout the legal process in surprisingly negative ways. The best policy is deferring to us as your lawyer when it comes to the insurance company and limiting your comments at the scene of the accident to answering only those questions that are put directly to you by the police.

The insurance company will be looking for apologies and statements that minimize your injuries, which are common reactions in the aftermath of an accident. Generally, the less you say, the better.



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Seek the Medical Attention You Need and Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

The injuries you experience as a result of the accident in question can be exceptionally serious, but the shock and adrenaline that tends to accompany injury-causing accidents can mask a considerable amount of pain and other symptoms.

Seeking the medical care you need early on can play a dramatic role in your recovery, and following your doctor’s instructions is not only the best way to protect your health but is also an excellent way to let the insurance company know just how serious your injuries are. 

Take a Vacation From Social Media

We spend a lot of time on social media, and many of us can’t share enough. If you’ve been involved in an accident that was someone else’s fault, however, it’s a good idea to take a break from social media while your accident case is pending.

The fact is that the insurance company handling your claim will very likely monitor your social media presence, and they’re good at twisting posted comments and photos to their own meanings. 

For example, that picture of you gleefully hoisting a margarita at your company’s Taco Tuesday celebration can be used to contradict your claim of emotional pain and suffering. Further, apologizing after an accident, which many of us do out of habit, can be interpreted as an admission of fault.

Going dark on social media is well advised!

Don’t Accept an Early Settlement Without Legal Guidance

If the insurance company handling your claim comes back with an early settlement offer, you should know that it’s likely their attempt at finalizing the matter before you’ve accurately assessed the full extent of your losses. Before signing on the dotted line, it’s always advisable to talk to a personal injury lawyer who is well acquainted with the specifics of your claim. 

Once you accept a settlement offer, you’ll have no further recourse regarding losses that are related to the accident. This means you’ll be responsible for covering all your losses that exceed the settlement amount. 

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the most important steps you can take after being injured in an accident in Lawrenceville is having a practiced personal injury attorney by your side. By doing this, your rights will be far better protected, and you’ll be far better positioned to obtain the maximum compensation you deserve. 


In the State of Georgia, the statute of limitations – or the time limit for filing a personal injury lawsuit – is 2 years from the date of the injury-causing accident. This is a brief window of time in which you’ll also need to address your recovery, which makes reaching out for the professional legal guidance of an accident injury attorney early on advisable.   

Gathering Evidence

Your trusted attorney will take on the important task of skillfully gathering evidence in defense of your claim. While every personal injury claim is specific to the unique situation at hand, the kinds of evidence involved generally include the following:

  • The police or accident report
  • Your own account of the accident and its affect on your life
  • The testimony of your family members, friends, and loved ones about how the accident has affected your life
  • Your related medical records and your doctor’s report regarding your injuries and prognosis
  • Eyewitness accounts of the accident
  • Any photos, videos, and dashcam or security camera footage gathered at the accident scene
  • The expert testimony of professionals in fields relevant to your accident and injuries
  • Recreation models that help clarify the mechanics of the accident

Personal injury cases often hinge on the available evidence, which is a good reason for calling an experienced lawyer today.



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What Can I Expect to Pay?

If you or a loved one needs a personal injury attorney, it means that you’ve been injured by the recklessness of someone else, and the cost of a lawyer – on top of everything else – can be daunting.

We work on a contingency basis, which means we don’t get paid until your claim is successfully settled or is resolved in court. Only then will we receive a prearranged percentage of your settlement or court award.

We believe that accident victims shouldn’t have to worry about paying for their legal representation after everything they’ve been through, and we do everything in our power to help. This includes building your strongest claim and ceaselessly advocating for your fair compensation. 

Why Choose Us Over Other Lawrenceville Personal Injury Attorneys?

If you’re looking for a good fit when it comes to a personal injury attorney in Lawrenceville, there are a lot of options out there, but Michael is one of the most well-respected personal injury lawyers in Gwinnett County.

When you partner with us, you can expect all the following:

  • The undivided attention of an experienced attorney
  • A legal advocate who will speak on your behalf to the insurance company
  • A legal guide who will help you better understand the legal process
  • A legal force who will build your strongest claim
  • A free consultation at which we’ll address your claim’s strengths – along with any weaknesses – and will discuss your best options with you

What Clients Think of Us

We put our clients first, and it shows. Consider the following comments made by just a few of our satisfied clients:

Car accident clients:

“Super awesome communicator, always returned my calls quickly. Got me a great settlement after my car wreck. Honest and fair.”

“My first hospital bill was only 3k but after my care was finished Michael took them to court and the final result was 150k. I’m so happy the Gumprecht Law Firm was recommended to me. Not only am I getting on with life but I’ve also got an awesome outcome, all thanks to this law firm.”

DUI accident client:

“My husband, son and I were hit by a DUI driver last month and Michael Gumprecht has already forced a settlement of 100% of the insurance policy for us. I don’t think anyone is better or faster than this firm.”

Motorcycle accident client:

“…On Christmas Eve I was riding a motorcycle and was t-boned by a lady. I needed surgery for my broken bones and the worst part was she tried to blame me for everything. I hesitated to hire a lawyer but I decided to trust Michael. My instincts paid off…. He fought her story and made them pay me all six digits of her entire policy. Michael was always available personally and got this case solved in rapid time.”

We handle many types of personal injury cases, and continue to receive rave reviews for our commitment to our clients and the excellent results we achieve.



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Work With the Best Lawrenceville Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Specific Needs

If you’re looking for the best personal injury lawyer in Lawrenceville, GA, look no further.

We dedicate our imposing practice to skillfully guiding personal injury claims of all kinds toward advantageous outcomes that support our clients’ most complete recoveries. The outcome of your claim will directly affect your future, and we’re committed to fiercely advocating for your legal rights as well as your rightful compensation.

To learn more about how we can help you obtain the maximum compensation the law allows, please reach out by contacting us online today.

Our team fiercely protects the rights of injury victims in a full range of practice areas, including:

Does Gumprecht Law Only Provide a Personal Injury Attorney in Lawrenceville, GA?

Michael and his team faithfully serve all of Gwinnett County. If you’re an accident victim who has been injured by someone else’s negligence, turn to our savvy team for the help you need today.

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If you have a personal injury claim, you need a personal injury lawyer, and Michael has the legal skill and drive to help – regardless of the type of accident involved. The personal injury cases the firm handles are wide ranging, and our focus is always on obtaining the fullest compensation possible after the accident – in support of your health and well-being.

To learn more about how we can help you obtain the compensation you need to address your medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering, please don’t wait to contact us today



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