Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

Drivers often use the excuse “I didn’t see you” when explaining why they ran into a motorcyclist. Conditions that create limited visibility cloak this unacceptable excuse in a coat of legitimacy, which drivers attempt to use to deflect fault. No matter the roadway conditions, failing to see another driver is more akin to an admission of fault, rather than a valid defense. Motorists have a responsibility to pay attention to their surroundings when operating a vehicle, and if a driver makes any sort of move without having full visibility, he or she may be found liable for negligence.

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Driving During Unfavorable Conditions

An important aspect of motorcycle safety is being able to see where you are going so you can successfully identify potential hazards in time to respond. Heavy rain, thick fog, smoke from big forest fires and dim lighting can limit your visibility and increase the chances of a collision. All motorists must alter their driving to accommodate unfavorable conditions and maintain safety on the roadways.

During a rainstorm, for instance, it is wise to slow down to below the posted speed limit and leave a larger gap between your bike and the vehicle in front of you. You should also exercise greater caution when changing lanes, making turns and proceeding through intersections. Even the most prudent biker under the best weather conditions is at risk of an accident with a negligent driver. When visibility is low, the risk is much higher.

Who is at Fault for Motorcycle Accidents in Inclement Weather?

Insurance companies would have you believe that when weather creates low visibility, nobody is at fault for an accident. After all, you cannot control the weather. This position is not accurate. Motorists are required to drive cautiously at all times, regardless of weather conditions. However, when conditions are unfavorable, a driver should exercise even more caution to prevent a collision.

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