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Atlanta Georgia Rental Car Accident Lawyers

In many ways, an accident involving a rental car is no different than if you wreck while driving your own vehicle. However, there are significant differences regarding your insurance coverage and liability. A Georgia car accidents law firm can help you understand your recovery options.

The Gumprecht Law Firm has substantial experience handling auto accident claims and understands the nuances that can affect your case. We pursue damages from the at-fault driver, the rental car company and your own insurance policy. This tactic increases your opportunities to recover the maximum possible damages. Our unique approach has earned us such honors as Million Dollar Advocates Forum membership, Georgia Trend Magazine Legal Elite designation and a National Trial Lawyers Top 100 listing.

We recommend you consult with legal counsel as soon as you can. Unless ordered not to by the court, the rental car company may delete valuable electronic evidence, such as car maintenance records and correspondences that indicate principals knew about auto defects. Another common tactic rental companies use to avoid liability is “repairing” the vehicle, which, in essence, destroys important physical evidence. We take immediate action to prevent liable parties from destroying or tampering with data to preserve evidence in your case.

Duty to Repair Recalled Vehicles

When you rent a car, you must rely upon the company’s assertions that the vehicle is in good driving condition. Before May 2016, rental car companies had no legal duty to repair recalled cars before allowing customers to drive them off the lot. Fortunately, a federal law now requires rental car companies to take the recalled cars out of service until repairs can be made. However, there is a serious loophole that exempts companies with less than 35 cars in their fleet.

Our firm assesses the condition of the vehicle to determine if the rental car company was remiss in its maintenance and repairs. If so, we name the rental car company in a lawsuit in addition to the negligent driver who caused the crash, or as the sole negligent party responsible for the accident if you were driving an unsafe rental car.

Duty to Carry Liability Insurance

Out-of-towners may not have insurance that complies with Georgia laws or their policies may exclude rental cars. Before taking a holiday, confirm with your insurance company whether your policy provide coverage if you are involved in an accident in a Georgia rental vehicle. Otherwise, you must purchase liability insurance from the rental company, which the rental company is obligated to offer all customers.

Representing Out-of-State Tourists

Being in a car wreck is always a terrible experience. Being far from home can make the experience even worse. The Gumprecht Law Firm often works with tourists who were injured in rental car accidents while visiting Georgia. We have implemented the latest technology that promotes fluid communication and exchange of documents. We keep you in the loop as to what is happening with your case at all times. Our firm shoulders the burden of your settlement negotiations and litigation by appearing on your behalf or arranging video conferencing whenever possible.

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