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An accident involving three or more vehicles is more complicated. First, who was responsible? In some cases, one driver bears all responsibility. Sometimes blame is spread across several drivers, in which case how do you determine who is responsible for what portion of damages?

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Damages in a Multi-Vehicle Crash

Who should you go after and for how much? This is an important question in a multi-vehicle accident claim that depends on a variety of factors. Tort reform did away with an established concept called joint and severable liability, which made all at-fault parties liable for 100 percent of the damages award. Since 2005, the courts have assigned liability to each at-fault party, which makes each party responsible for that percentage of the damages.

For example, if a tailgating motorist hit your car, leaving it disabled in the center lane of traffic where a sleep-deprived tractor-trailer driver plowed into you, the motorist, the driver and the trucking corporation would share in the liability for your accident. The court might assign 25 percent to the motorist, 35 percent to the truck driver and the remaining 40 percent to the trucking company. On a $100,000 judgment, the motorist would be liable for $25,000, the truck driver would be liable for $35,000 and the trucking company would be liable for $40,000.

The defendants often try to point fingers at each other to minimize their proportion of damages or to avoid paying anything. Our attorney fights this common tactic to make sure liability is assigned appropriately and to the parties that have the means to pay. In the above example, the motorist might only carry $25,000 per person per accident of insurance coverage, the minimum amount required by Georgia law, whereas the trucking company and its driver would have much larger policies. Our lawyer would, therefore, fight for the corporation to be held liable for the bulk of damages.

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