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A swimming pool offers a refreshing reprieve from Georgia’s brutal heat and a pleasant recreation for families. However, a poorly maintained pool can become a deathtrap, especially for young children. About 10 people die by drowning every day in the United States, one-fifth of whom are children younger than 15. Many more children suffer permanent disabilities in near-drowning incidents.

Gumprecht Law Firm is exclusively a personal injury and wrongful death law firm that puts our clients above all else. We treat your family with compassion, candor and respect during the difficult period following your child’s accident. If your child was injured in a pool, Gumprecht Law Firm can investigate whether the pool owner was negligent.

We recognize that you are focused on your family right now and a lawsuit is not your priority. However, we urge you to pursue your legal rights as soon as possible. Financial recovery could help you care for a child with a disability or support your family through this tragedy. In addition, you could protect other families by holding the negligent pool owner responsible for conditions that caused the drowning or near drowning.

Attorney Michael Gumprecht sponsors the Infant Swimming Resource (ISR), which teaches survival swimming lessons to children between six months and six years old. Our goal is to end child drownings by promoting greater pool safety and training in self-rescue skills.

Swimming Pool Entrapment

Every pool contains drains and suctions that keep the water clean. These high-powered systems can trap children underwater. After an entrapment drowning in which a little girl was caught in a broken drain, U.S. legislators passed the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (VGBA). The VGBA requires compliant drain covers and emergency release systems in public pools. Noncompliance is unlawful and serves as proof of negligence.

Swimming Pool Electrocutions

Electrical wiring generates power to a pool’s lighting and cleaning systems, which is ordinarily not a problem in most pools. However, exposed or malfunctioning wiring puts electrical currents in direct contact with water, creating a serious electrocution risk.

Near-Drowning Injuries

People who survive a near drowning incident may sustain organ damage within minutes of submersion. The level of injury correlates to the length of time the near-drowning survivor is without oxygen. Oxygen deprivation kills brain cells, resulting in hypoxic ischemic brain injury, and may adversely affect the survivor’s lungs and kidneys.

Time is of the essence, therefore, when rescuing a drowning child. Public pools have a duty to provide lifeguard supervision and to implement appropriate emergency protocols. Failure to act quickly and appropriately may increase the risk of permanent severe disabilities or death.

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