Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

Every day in America, 27 people are killed and 720 are injured in drunk driving accidents. To put this into perspective, almost 10,000 families will hear the devastating news this year that their loved ones are forever gone. Meanwhile, countless other victims will face permanent disabilities that will forever change their lives.

A DUI accident is 100 percent preventable. The decision to drink and to drive is completely in the control of the person who chooses to get behind the wheel. With this in mind, the Gumprecht Law Firm advocates for zero tolerance in DUI accident cases and vehemently fights for the victims of this senseless, negligent conduct.

Georgia car accident attorney Michael Gumprecht has earned numerous honors for his client commitment, professional approach and proven results, including a lifetime membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum – reserved for only 0.04% of attorneys in Georgia. But, what drives us every day to do all we can for our clients is the knowledge that we can help them attain justice.

Acting quickly in a DUI accident case is paramount. You increase your chances of making a full financial recovery by taking immediate action. Attorney Gumprecht is, therefore, available to you 24/7, including on weekends and at night when most DUI accidents occur.

Bringing a DUI Accident Case in Civil Court

Even if the defendant is acquitted of DUI in criminal court, you may still have a valid civil claim. That is because the standard of proof is much higher in criminal court than in civil court. The prosecutor must prove that the defendant was drunk beyond a reasonable doubt. On the other hand, we must only show that it is more likely than not that the driver was drunk and at fault for the crash.

Drunk driving is always egregiously negligent. Therefore, you are likely entitled to punitive damages, intended to punish the drunk driver while compensating you for injuries that resulted from the outrageous behavior. Our firm helps you recover the maximum possible compensation following a DUI accident in Georgia.

Why You Should Take Immediate Action After a DUI Crash

Insurance companies do not want to go to court for drunk driving cases and are typically willing to quickly settle for the full policy limits. Even if you sustained only minor injuries, insurance agents recognize that settling is in the company’s best interests, as well as yours.

The drunk driver has a Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in a criminal case. The defendant and the insurance company often attempt to claim this constitutional right, but we counter this tactic by demanding discovery in the civil claim. If the civil case goes to trial after criminal prosecution, we have access to important damaging evidence that works in our favor. We are at an advantage to push the case forward expeditiously to win you the maximum possible settlement, typically within 30 days.

Call a Georgia Car Accident Attorney for Immediate Help in Filing a DUI Accident Claim

At the Gumprecht Law Firm, we do all we can to protect the rights of DUI accident victims. Call a Georgia car accident attorney at 678-800-1050 27/7 to discuss your recovery options. Your appointment is free and our no-risk contingency fee policy means you are not billed for lawyers’ fees until you win.