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Property owners have a duty to keep their property in a safe condition, inspect the property regularly for problems and to warn visitors until the problem can be fixed. These duties form the basis of premises liability. The property owner is responsible for damages if you slip and fall because the property owner failed to uphold these premises liability duties.

Gumprecht Law Firm can help you recover from the negligent store, office, gym, sports arena or other company where you had a slip and fall accident. Particularly in slip and fall cases, immediate investigation is crucial. Otherwise, the company has an opportunity to clean up the danger, and thereby, permanently destroy importance evidence. So that you can start on your case right away, Attorney Michael Gumprecht is available 24/7 to talk to you.

Gumprecht Law Firm has won numerous awards that reflect our professionalism, dedication and results-oriented approach. Honors include Distinguished Legal Advocates charter member, Million Dollar Advocates Forum lifetime member and Georgia Trend Magazine Legal Elite. In addition, Attorney Gumprecht applies his technology experience to our practice to move cases forward, organize evidence and prepare for trial.

Duty to Inspect

The length of time the dangerous condition existed is a primary issue in a slip and fall claim. A property owner may not be liable for a condition that arose mere seconds before the accident. However, the property owner may be liable if enough time transpired that the dangerous condition should have been discovered. In other words, the property owner should have known about the unsafe condition had he or she fulfilled their duty of inspection.

We analyze clues to determine the length of time the problem existed. For example, a banana peel that is bright yellow and intact may have just fallen on the ground, whereas a brown, decayed peel was likely laying there for a long time. Other evidence includes eyewitness accounts, video footage of the spill area and complaints made to management about the slippery floor.

Duty to Warn

The property owner may know about a slippery floor and not be able to remedy the matter right away. However, the property owner has a duty to warn about the condition in this case. For instance, the company might cordon off the area around a leaky air conditioning unit or freezer until the problem can be fixed. Likewise, maintenance staff can temporarily place temporary cones around an area being mopped until the floor dries.

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