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Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable at intersections where vehicles cross paths at high speeds, often from all directions. Traffic codes are established to maintain order. One mistake, misjudgment or reckless act can result in a serious collision.

The Gumprecht Law Firm is a premier personal injury firm that advocates for the rights of motorcyclists injured by negligent drivers. We only handle personal injury claims so we can devote our experience and resources to helping accident victims recover. Prior to practicing law, our Georgia motorcycle accidents attorney worked in the technology sector, developing skills that help us drive our cases forward expeditiously and successfully. Michael Gumprecht is one of only .04 percent of attorneys in Georgia to be invited as a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and was included on the Top 1% list of the National League of Renowned Attorneys.

Motorcycle accidents are always inconvenient, rarely occurring during normal business hours. That is why we are available when you need us, day and night, during weekdays or weekends. Your lawyer is only a phone call away right now.

Who is at Fault?

Who had the right to occupy a given space at a moment in time? The answer to this question determines fault. However, resolving this question often requires extensive investigation and legal knowledge. For instance, the other driver might be to blame for your wreck if she turned in front of you at an intersection, even if your vehicles did not collide.

In our investigation as to fault, our attorney might:

  • Review traffic signal timing to determine if the light was red, yellow or green
  • Subpoena phone records to determine whether the driver was texting at the time
  • Inspect surrounding video cameras for footage of the intersection
  • Depose witnesses who saw what happened
  • Analyze crash debris and damage to vehicles
  • Consider such matters as weather, darkness, sun glare and road conditions

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