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Cranes cause an average of 71 deaths and hundreds of serious injuries on construction sites every year. Working with or around this extremely dangerous piece of equipment, workers risk falls from height and being hit by the crane’s boom, which can cause head injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, fractures and other permanently disabling injuries.

If you were injured or your loved one killed in a crane accident, you have a workers’ compensation claim against the employer. However, workers’ compensation only covers your medical bills and a portion of your lost wages. The Gumprecht Law Firm can help you recover damages under a separate negligence claim against the crane company, which will not affect your workers’ compensation claim against your employer.

As a victim of a crane accident, we urge you to contact an attorney immediately. Inspectors likely issued a cease work order shortly following the accident. This is the time for us to conduct our own investigation into the incident. Once the crane is dismantled and work resumes, crucial evidence is lost forever. The Gumprecht Law Firm is available 24/7 so you can speak to a lawyer about your case at any time. We advise you not to give a statement to a third party until you have sought the counsel of a qualified Georgia construction accident attorney.

Michael Gumprecht is a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, reserved for only those attorneys who have recovered awards of seven-figures and more. He has experience litigating these types of complex, high-stakes injury cases involving construction site negligence and will aggressively fight to recover your rightful damages.

Liability for Crane Accidents

Construction workers know that cranes are among the most dangerous pieces of equipment at a site – and among the greatest workplace dangers in general. Sometimes weighing more than 30 tons, a top-heavy crane is often perched precariously on a skyscraper’s floors, held in place by a serious of bolts, ropes and chains. When in operation, a crane’s heavy moving parts put operators and other workers in constant danger of catastrophic injuries.

The company that supplies cranes to a construction site has a duty to minimize these risks by keeping the equipment in good condition, ensuring it is properly erected and secured, and training operators in proper safety practices. However, in an attempt to cut costs or speed up construction, crane companies sometimes:

  • Fail to inspect the crane for damage
  • Use inferior or damaged crane parts
  • Insufficiently secure the crane to prevent it from toppling
  • Fail to secure or remove the crane during high winds
  • Fail to ensure that chains and ropes do not swing loose
  • Inadequately train operators to control the boom

These negligent acts can cause the crane or its parts to fall onto a worker or cause the boom and hoist to hit him. In addition, workers risk severe crush injuries while erecting and dismantling the machine.

Contact a Georgia Construction Accident Attorney to Recover Damages for a Crane Accident Case

If you were injured by a crane, you may have a separate cause of action against the crane company in addition to your workers’ compensation claim against your employer. Call 678-800-1050 for a free consultation with a Georgia construction accident attorney at The Gumprecht Law Firm. Our attorney is available 24/7 to help you. Because we take claims on contingency, you do not pay lawyers’ fees unless you recover damages.