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Driving often becomes second nature for motorists, which can create a sense of comfort and boredom. However, the risks of driving should never be underestimated. Whether operating a small passenger car or a commercial vehicle, driving is a huge responsibility, so there is no excuse for drivers to become distracted and take their eyes off the road, hands off the wheel or minds off the important task of driving.

The Gumprecht Law Firm has no tolerance for distracted driving. We have witnessed the rise in distracted driving claims over the years, particularly as smartphone use has become more pervasive, and have fought for victims involved in devastating accidents. Our award-winning law firm pursues the maximum possible damages from negligent motorists who engaged in careless, inappropriate driving distractions.

If you or someone you love was involved in an accident, contact a Georgia distracted driving attorney at our firm today. We are available to take your call 24 hours a day, allowing you to ask questions and begin your case immediately, including on weekends and in the evenings.

Common Driving Distractions

Distracted driving caused 3,179 auto accident deaths and 431,000 injuries in 2014. Although texting while driving receives the most attention, this is not the only dangerous distraction. Additional inappropriate activities while driving include:

  • Talking on the phone
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Videoing or snapping photos
  • Eating and drinking
  • Putting on makeup or brushing hair
  • Disciplining or entertaining a child
  • Talking or arguing with a passenger
  • Reaching for an object in the back seat
  • Looking at a map or GPS
  • Fiddling with the music selection
  • Rubbernecking

Investigating a Distracted Driving Accident

Following an accident in which distraction is likely the cause, our firm conducts a thorough investigation to gather evidence and prove that distracted driving was to blame. If the insurance company refuses to cooperate, we immediately file a lawsuit and subpoena telephone records to determine if the driver was texting or talking on the phone. We also review evidence of the other types of driving distractions — for example, a spilled bottle of soda or a video taken moments before the crash.

Attorney Michael Gumprecht previously worked in the technology sector and continues to apply this experience when handling auto accident cases. If a defendant deletes emails or videos, for instance, we know how to use computer forensics to retrieve this important data. These skills allow us to establish a stronger case against the distracted driver.

Get the Help You Need Now From a Georgia Distracted Driving Attorney

There are numerous reasons that can cause a motorist to lose focus on the roadway. However, when a motorist’s attention is diverted by distractions such as cell phones, other passengers or the radio, drivers may be held liable for negligence. There is no justifiable excuse for distracted driving, and if an accident ensues, victims may be entitled to compensation. Contact a Georgia distracted driving attorney at 678-800-1050 to learn more about your rights and options after a car crash. Your appointment is free and our no-risk contingency fee arrangement means you are not billed for attorneys’ fees until we recover for you.