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Although rollover crashes are rare, the fatality rates are extremely high, making these types of accidents one of the deadliest. Only 2.1 percent of all passenger van, car, pickup truck and SUV accidents involved a rollover but accounted for almost 35 percent of passenger vehicle fatalities in 2010.

Inevitably, insurance companies try to blame the victim for rollover accidents, claiming lack of a seat belt, speeding or reckless driving should limit recovery. You need clear, candid, experienced guidance to fight for your rightful recovery.

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Why Rollover Accidents Occur

Rollover crashes occur when a vehicle flips onto its side or roof, sometimes repeatedly rolling over. These wrecks are more common on Georgia’s rural roadways than on our highways, which are more likely to contain crash guards and wider shoulders and to be evenly graded.

About 95 percent of rollover accidents happen when the vehicle is tripped as it runs off the roadside and catches its tires in the dirt or swipes a low object. The momentum of the vehicle forces it over the tires. A tripped vehicle may also roll down a steep incline or into a water retention ditch that adjoins the road.

Top-heavy vehicles are also at risk of rolling over. The vehicle’s uneven load or a poor van or SUV design might cause rollover, which typically occurs while maneuvering around a sharp turn or swerving erratically to avoid a roadway obstruction.

A tire blowout or a high-speed collision may also send a vehicle onto its side.

Why Rollover Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

Survivors of a rollover crash often sustain catastrophic injuries, including brain damage, spinal cord damage, crush injuries and amputations. Victims who are ejected from a rolling vehicle are particularly vulnerable, especially in cases of partial ejection when part of the body is outside of the vehicle as it rolls. But, even without ejection, the body is thrown violently within the cabin to cause serious injuries. The sides and roofs of vehicles may cave inward, causing further injuries, particularly in older vehicles.

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