Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

Being in a rear-end collision with a tractor-trailer is a frightening experience. Often victims are stopped at a light or stuck in slow moving traffic and cannot do anything to protect themselves from impact. Because of the size and sheer weight of the truck in comparison to lighter passenger vehicles, victims are likely to suffer catastrophic injuries. Hiring an experienced attorney offers the best chance for victims to obtain the maximum recovery for their pain and suffering.

The Gumprecht Law Firm is an award-winning personal injury firm that takes on complicated trucking accident cases in northern Georgia. Lead attorney Michael Gumprecht is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which is only open to attorneys who have won million-dollar judgments and settlements, and has also been named among National Trial Lawyers’ “Top 100”, National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys’ “Top 10 Under 40” and American Society of Legal Advocates’ “Top 40 Under 40” Litigation Lawyers.

Before practicing law, our founding attorney worked in the technology industry. His skills allow our firm to incorporate the most advanced tools to support investigations and the preparation of our track accident claims, giving us an edge in evidence collection, negotiations and litigation. For example, we know how companies can hide and destroy electronic evidence and what actions we need to take to prevent a negligent trucking corporation from dumping relevant emails and important data.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, do not delay in seeking legal advice. Our truck accident lawyers act immediately to mitigate damages and deflect liability away from victims. Call us 24/7 to obtain the legal counsel you both need and deserve.

How Longer Stop Time Contributes to Rear-End Truck Collisions

A heavier vehicle takes longer to stop. Truckers must use greater diligence for this reason, including leaving more room between the truck and the vehicle in front, as well as adjusting speed and distance to accommodate adverse driving conditions. Anything that interferes with a driver’s ability to react quickly is that much worse for truck operators. Whereas a driver operating a passenger vehicle may still be able to recover from a slight delay in response time, a truck driver cannot afford to make such an error.

Who is Liable for a Rear-End Truck Crash?

The driver who collides into a vehicle from behind is almost always liable for damages. Consequently, a trucker who runs into the back of your vehicle is usually at fault. However, when it comes to rear-end collisions involving commercial trucks, the driver’s employer is also likely to be liable for damages if they are found responsible for negligence in their policies regarding drivers, the maintenance of their vehicles and other general safety violations contributing to the crash.

For example, a truck corporation may be held liable for a rear-end collision if poor vehicle maintenance habits led to brake failure, ultimately causing the crash. The corporation may also be held liable if it harbors policies that encourage dangerous driving behavior, such as texting while behind the wheel or speeding to make impossible delivery times. Alternatively, the company may be responsible by virtue of its employment relationship with the driver under the doctrine of respondeat superior.

Protecting Victims’ Rights Following Rear-End Truck Accidents in Georgia

The Gumprecht Law Firm advocates for your right to maximum compensation following a rear-end truck crash. Call our Georgia truck accident law firm at 678-800-1050 to discuss your claim for free. Our contingency fee arrangement allows you to avoid payment of lawyers’ fees until we recover your due damages.