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More than 60 million tourists visit Georgia every year, many of whom stay in hotels. Most of these visits will produce a lifetime of happy memories, but some will be unpleasantly interrupted by accidents and injuries. What should you do if you are injured while on vacation? Just as if you were at home, you should take immediate steps to protect your rights by contacting a Georgia hotel accident attorney.

Accidents rarely happen nine to five, Monday through Friday, and so the Gumprecht Law Firm has a policy of 24/7 access so you can talk to your attorney when you need him. Our firm exclusively handles personal injury claims throughout Georgia and has substantial experience with lawsuits and insurance claims against hotel companies. We are proud to have won several honors, including National Trial Lawyers Top 100, American Academy of Trial Lawyers Premier 100 and Million Dollar Advocates Forum lifetime membership, an honor reserved for just .04 percent of Georgia lawyers. We are known for our commitment to our clients and our track record of obtaining maximum possible recoveries. We work diligently to hold the hotel accountable for the injuries you sustained on the premises while in Georgia.

Representing Out-of-State Clients

Suffering a terrible injury can take a substantial toll on your health and financial stability. The situation is even more difficult if you were injured far from home. You may be unfamiliar with the doctors and hospitals available to you for treatments. Even worse, you may not be well enough to travel, forcing you to recover without the support of your family and friends. On top of these challenges, your out-of-network medical coverage adds considerable costs to your bills.

We understand these challenges and help to relieve some of the burden while you remain in Georgia for your recovery. When you return home, we continue to fight for your legal rights. Our office is equipped with the latest technology that promotes secure document transmittal and easy communication so you feel as confident and connected to your case and lawyer as though you were here in Georgia.

We do not think that you should have to pay more in medical expenses for an accident that was not your fault, just because you were injured in another state. Attorney Gumprecht negotiates with your medical providers to reduce your bills, so more of the damages go to you, not your doctors.

A Hotel’s Responsibility to Its Guests

A hotel has a duty to its guests to maintain the property and to warn guests about potential hazards. Furthermore, the hotel has a duty to inspect the premises regularly for dangerous conditions, such as:

  • Slippery pool decks and hot tub surfaces
  • Leaking air conditioners that drip moisture onto slick surfaces
  • Mechanical doors that can slam shut on guests’ hands
  • Untended parking lots that put kids at risk of being hit by speeding vehicles
  • Loose luggage racks and other items that can fall onto guests

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