Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

In a T-bone crash, you may feel like the vehicle came out of nowhere, leaving you with no time to react before impact. After all, you had the right of way. However, proving your case is another matter. You must have sufficient evidence to demonstrate that you had the green light to go and the other driver violated traffic codes.

This is where The Gumprecht Law Firm can help. Our Georgia car accident law firm is focused entirely on personal injury recovery. This allows us to hone our skills and knowledge to produce the best results we can for our clients. Our law firm emphasizes forming personal client relationships and reaching the maximum possible damages.

This attitude that we are truly there for our clients is one reason we have earned such honors as a lifetime membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which is open only to those lawyers who have recovered million-dollar-plus jury verdicts or settlements.

We recognize that total access not only improves your legal experience, but also helps us in reaching your rightful outcome. Therefore, our attorney is available 24/7, and we urge you to call or email as soon as practicable after your crash, regardless of the time or day so we can begin working for you.

Proving Liability in a T-Bone Crash

Georgia is an at-fault state, meaning you have to prove the other party caused the accident in order to collect compensation from that driver’s insurance policy. The question is who had the right to be in the intersection at the time of the crash. To determine the answer, our lawyer might review such evidence as:

  • Eyewitness accounts of the accident
  • Videos of the crash taken with smartphones or nearby security cameras
  • Skid marks and debris scatter at the scene
  • Analysis of damage to the vehicles to show angle and speed of collision
  • Analysis of traffic light synchronization to determine who had the right of way

Our founding attorney has a substantial background in technology that supports comprehensive research and analysis of data. We know how to locate important evidence and organize the facts to tell a persuasive story about what happened, who is at fault and how much compensation you deserve.

Recover Damages Resulting from a T-Bone Intersection Collision

Accidents at intersections occur when a driver violates the traffic code. Our attorney helps you recover from that at-fault driver by proving you had the right of way. Schedule your free case evaluation with The Gumprecht Law Firm to learn more about our rights and options for recovery. Our attorney is available to talk to you now at 678-800-1050, even during after hours or the weekend.