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Jackknife crashes occur when the back of a large vehicle, such as a tractor-trailer truck, swings wide or veers out of control. When jackknifing occurs, dangers arise and accidents are often unavoidable because other motorists, motorcyclists or pedestrians near the jackknifing vehicle cannot anticipate the situation nor have sufficient time to get out of the way. Unfortunately, jackknife accidents happen more frequently than anyone can imaging. In fact, jackknifing contributed to 3,744 fatalities and 88,000 injuries in 2014.

The Gumprecht Law Firm represents victims and their families in claims related to jackknife crashes. Attorney Michael Gumprecht’s professionalism and track record of high-dollar awards have earned him a long list of honors, including lifetime membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the National League of Renowned Attorneys Top 1% designation. Mr. Gumprecht’s driving force is his unrelenting desire to help victims through a tragic situation.

When working with the Gumprecht Law Firm, trust that your case will be handled as swiftly as possible. Taking immediate action is especially important after a jackknifing accident. Law enforcement’s main objective is getting the accident site cleared and traffic moving as quickly as practicable. The trucking company also does not delay in enacting damage-mitigation policies following a crash. Do not let valuable evidence be swept away while you ponder whether to hire a lawyer. Our attorney is just a phone call away and available for a free appointment 24/7.

How a Tractor-Trailer Jackknife Occurs

Operating a tractor-trailer truck takes exceptional skills, experience and attention. Unfortunately, truck corporations often attempt to cut corners by hiring poorly trained drivers who may not perceive the required space needed to make a turn or switch lanes, nor know how to recover control of a swerving trailer. Jackknifing often occurs as the truck driver takes a corner too fast or jerks the wheel of the truck. Another common cause of jackknifing is the shifting weight of an unbalanced load. In these cases, both the truck driver and the company may be held liable if an accident occurs.

Investigating an Out-of-Control Commercial Vehicle Claim

Attorney Michael Gumprecht has an extensive background in technology from years of working in the IT sector. His knowledge gives our firm an advantage when investigating jackknife crashes, collecting evidence and determining causality.

For example, a vehicle’s event data recorder provides essential information about the moments leading up to and during the tractor-trailer accident. The black box, as it is often called, records speed, braking, steering and direction of travel of both the tractor and the trailer. Having this important data is one thing; understanding how to use it is another. Attorney Michael Gumprecht fully analyzes the black box data to demonstrate that you had no chance to avoid a collision with the jackknifing trailer.

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