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Riding a motorcycle is very different than driving a car. First, motorcycles are highly maneuverable, giving riders a heightened sense of control. Second, they offer a greater amount of freedom to riders, as opposed to driving in an enclosed vehicle, which may lead operators to take certain risks on the road they otherwise would not take when driving an automobile. While these are some of the factors contributing to the appeal of motorcycle riding, they are also some of the factors that render motorcycle riding much more dangerous, and hence, why motorcyclists tend to have stricter (and often unfair) insurance requirements.

When a motorcycle maneuverability accident occurs, insurance companies may try to withhold compensation to victims. Insurance companies may also attempt to significantly raise premiums. Luckily, an attorney can help protect victims’ rights.

The Gumprecht Law Firm is a premier Georgia motorcycle accident law firm that handles complex insurance and third party claims. We have heard all the reasons for delaying, denying and reducing claims, and are prepared to fight these assertions to recover the maximum possible damages for victims. Our firm’s use of advanced technology gives us an edge in our case preparations, insurance negotiations and during trial, while our professionalism, litigation skills and assertive approach have led us to recover large settlements in motorcycle maneuverability claims.

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to occur in the evenings and on weekends, which means victims may need legal representation long after regular business hours. Knowing this, The Gumprecht Law Firm maintains a 24-hour hotline so victims can speak directly with an attorney any day, any time.

Losing Control of a Motorcycle

Losing control of a motorcycle can be extremely frightening. Unfortunately, the chances of an operator losing control of a motorcycle are much greater than the chances of a driver losing control of a car. What is even more worrisome is the fact that a significant number of accidents that follow loss of motorcycle control are the result of another driver’s negligence. For example, a motorcycle may become unstable after hitting a pothole or uneven pavement, following a minor tap from another vehicle or when a rider swerves to avoid a car that makes an illegal turn in front of them.

When another party’s negligence causes a motorcyclist to lose control and crash, the biker may be eligible to obtain compensation for their injuries from insurance companies. However, it can be an uphill battle to collect damages from insurance providers.

What Happens When Insurance Companies Deflect Responsibility for Paying Motorcycle Policyholders?

Insurance companies constantly try to carve out exceptions to avoid paying motorcycle accident claims. Insurance providers may try to blame the rider for the crash, claiming he or she lacked experience or acted recklessly. Alternatively, the insurance company may try to turn the crash into a product liability case so motorcyclists will be forced to pursue damages for a defective bike, enabling the insurance company to delay payment to the policy holder. In either case, it is in the rider’s best interest to obtain legal help from an experienced attorney. Our law firm has extensively represented motorists against insurance companies and will help you recover your rightful damages.

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