Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

In order to start riding, you are required to obtain a motorcycle endorsement from the Georgia Department of Driver Services. The licensing requirements include a test of motorcycle knowledge and skills, or participation in the Motorcycle Safety Program Basic Course. Yet, insurance companies often attempt to shift blame for motorcycle accidents to the rider, even when the evidence demonstrates sufficient on-road riding experience. The Gumprecht Law Firm anticipates this defense, and counters with proof of your riding skills.

Our award-winning law firm concentrates solely on personal injury claims so that we can dedicate our extensive resources and substantial trial experience to securing the best possible case outcome. We have a proven track-record of success, as reflected in our lifetime membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and our Lifetime Achievement award in the America’s Top 100 Attorneys®.

We know the arguments insurance companies make to avoid paying policyholders, and what it takes to overcome them. Central to our effective legal strategy is taking the time to thoroughly research and build a case, and aggressively countering the defense with evidence that supports our clients’ claims. If your motorcycle crash occurs in the evening or on a weekend, we are ready to start building your case right then and there; we don’t wait until our office doors open on Monday morning. We urge you to call us immediately following an accident if your insurance provider is claiming you have insufficient on-road experience.

Last Clear Chance Insurance Defense

Insurance companies often argue that claims involving a novice motorcyclists are governed by the last clear chance doctrine, which refers to a defendant’s duty to avoid an accident if possible. Even if the plaintiff clearly made an error that caused the crash, the plaintiff can still recover damages if they successfully prove that the defendant had the last clear opportunity to avoid the accident.

For example, a motorist makes an illegal left turn at an intersection and is T-boned by a motorcyclist travelling in the opposite direction. The motorist would be liable for failing to yield, but might argue that the motorcyclist had the chance to avoid hitting the car by slowing down, swerving or applying brakes – actions an experienced biker might take.

Likewise, a motorist makes an illegal lane change, cutting off a biker who then slams into the back of the motorist’s car. The motorist might argue that a more experienced biker would have immediately maneuvered the motorcycle into the empty adjoining lane.

Last clear chance cases can become speculative and subjective. As an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, Michael Gumprecht uses objective facts and clear evidence to successfully refute these assertions on behalf of his clients. Attorney Gumprecht often applies advanced technology to demonstrate the other party’s liability, such as by running electronic simulations or filtering traffic camera images, effectively showing that the crash was unavoidable and the rider’s experience level is irrelevant.

Contact a Georgia Motorcycle Accident Attorney After a Crash

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