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If you feel like Georgia’s roadways are constantly under construction, this is not your imagination. Dozens of projects occur throughout the state at any given moment, resulting in traffic congestion, detours and dangerous driving conditions. In addition to traffic bottlenecking at construction zones, heavy machinery in and around the site can create substantial hazards. These factors all pose a risk to motorists and pedestrians, and if any accidents ensue, those responsible for the construction perils may be held liable. Fortunately, victims who have sustained injuries due to road construction zone accidents in Georgia can seek legal assistance.

The Gumprecht Law Firm is an award-winning Georgia personal injury law firm that has substantial experience in automobile and truck crash cases. We represent clients who collided with semi-trucks while travelling through a construction zone or were hit by dump trucks, cranes, excavators and other heavy machinery at the site.

Attorney Michael Gumprecht is one of only .04 percent of lawyers in Georgia to earn a lifetime membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. He is also a Who’s Who Legal lifetime member and a Distinguished Legal Advocates charter member, among numerous other honors. However, what truly drives our legal team is the desire to help those in need. We have a 24-hour policy that allows you access to your lawyer at any time of day or night. Our accessibility is particularly important in road construction zone accidents, when immediate investigation can make the difference between winning and losing essential damages. Call Attorney Michael Gumprecht right now to discuss your claim and to begin asserting your rights.

Who Is at Fault for a Road Construction Zone Accident and How Do You Prove It?

If you were in a truck accident while at or passing by a construction zone, you may have a strong cause of action against the construction corporation. First, the company is may be held liable for the actions of its machinery operator and possibly other workers on the site under the theory of respondeat superior, which holds an employer accountable for the actions of workers who cause injury while acting within the scope of their jobs. You may also have a cause of action for the company’s negligence — for example, if the company failed to put flagmen on-site to safely direct traffic away from the dangerous condition or did not post warnings of the impending construction zone.

In addition, you may have causes of action against the truck driver that ran into you while travelling through the construction area as well as the truck company. A trucker has the responsibility to remain alert, especially amid the stop-and-go traffic in a construction zone. The driver and truck company may be liable when the driver fails to notice the slowed vehicles and stop in time because of distractions, sleepiness or speeding.

Regardless of the individual details of your accident, it’s important to keep in mind that time is of the essence when bringing a claim against trucking corporations. These companies are quick to mitigate their own liability and clear evidence that could otherwise have helped plaintiffs, so it’s in your best interest to consult an attorney. At the Gumprecht Law Firm, we understand how critical the timeline to file a claim can be. As soon as a victim contacts us, we pursue an emergency injunction to preserve the truck, logbooks and data recorders as evidence. Due to Attorney Michael Gumprecht’s background in technology, we also know how to preserve email, texting and computer information that might be relevant to your claim.

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