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More than one-quarter of fatal large truck crashes occur on interstate highways, including the Georgia Peach Pass, I-475, I-95 and I-75. Tractor-trailers tend to travel at high speeds on these routes, which can cause an impact with a smaller, lighter car to be catastrophic. Multi-vehicle 18-wheeler accidents are also more common on an interstate highway, as other vehicles may not have sufficient time to slow down or brake.

If you were involved in a tractor-trailer interstate crash, you may benefit from hiring legal counsel, and the Gumprecht Law Firm is here to help. Law enforcement will clear the accident as soon as possible to allow traffic to flow. In the meantime, the trucking corporation will send its investigators to the site quickly to start building its defense. Our firm, likewise, will immediately start our own investigation into your accident, regardless of day or time, so that we can preserve vital evidence to prove your claim. We also file for an emergency order that stops the trucking company from dismantling the tractor-trailer and deleting relevant electronic data.

Our integration of the most advanced technology in case investigations has made our firm a leader in injury recovery. Our diligence and record of successes have earned us such prestigious honors as lifetime membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and designation as a Georgia Trend Magazine Legal Elite. Do not wait to call us. Experienced Georgia truck accident attorney Michael Gumprecht is available right now to begin working on your case.

Causes of Interstate Tractor-Trailer Crashes

The Georgia population has increased steadily over the past decade, reaching more than 10 million residents in 2014. Yet, while Georgia becomes increasingly populated, highway systems are not keeping pace. In addition, Georgia is a major transportation hub, with trucks moving shipments both locally and out of state. This rapid growth in transportation contributes to traffic congestion, and thus, interstate collisions.

Consumers in our fast-paced culture demand quick delivery of products, often overnight. Tractor-trailer drivers are, therefore, pressured to speed and to forego sleep to make deadlines in violation of hours of service rules and safe driving practices. Long, monotonous highway driving lulls truckers into daydreams and encourages distraction. Bored truck drivers are often induced to eat and drink, surf the net on their cell phones, send text messages, call family and engage in other inappropriate activities while behind the wheel.

These issues add up to increased tractor-trailer collisions on our state’s highways.

In the aftermath of serious interstate collisions involving trucks, it is important for victims to remember they have a right to seek legal counsel. If the accident was caused by negligent driving on the trucker’s part or due to unsafe equipment that went unchecked and unfixed by the truck company, victims may be eligible to obtain compensation. A Georgia truck accident attorney who has experience handling claims related to interstate collisions can significantly increase the chances a victim will recover damages.

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