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18-wheelers have extensive blind spots across the length of the trailer. That is why passing a semi or getting trapped next to its huge trailer is so frightening. These blind spots create a dangerous condition, especially if an inexperienced, tired or inattentive driver is behind the wheel. You may have nowhere to go if the driver suddenly makes an illegal lane change without looking to make sure the coast is clear. Blind spots can lead to serious accidents, but fortunately, victims have a right to seek legal help.

The Gumprecht Law Firm represents motorists who have been hit by commercial trucks on Georgia’s roadways. Our Georgia truck accident law firm delivers award-winning representation, which has earned us such honors as Million Dollar Advocates Forum lifetime membership and Georgia Trend Magazine Legal Elite recognition. By incorporating the most advanced technology in our investigation process, we can build a strong case for fault and damages and move your claim forward in a timely manner.

We emphasize early investigation to gather crucial evidence of truck driver negligence and encourage you to call as soon as you can after your crash, even if on the weekend or at night. You can talk to an attorney right now to learn about your rights and options for recovery.

Illegal Lane Changes Due to Blind Spots

When investigating truck accidents caused by illegal lane changes, liability rides on who had the right to occupy the space at the time of collision. In other words, did the truck cut you off or crash into your car when it drifted into your lane? To prove who is at fault, our lawyers determine precisely where the impact occurred. We analyze crash debris scatter, skid marks, collision angles, videos, eyewitness testimony and truck data recorder information to piece together exactly what happened. If we find that the truck driver made the improper lane change because they relied solely on one mirror with blind spots, instead of thoroughly assessing traffic conditions beforehand, we will work diligently to establish the driver’s negligence and recover damages on your behalf.

Countering The, “I didn’t see you,” Defense

Truck drivers have a responsibility to maintain safety on Georgia’s roadways, which includes making sure lanes are clear before turning. Many tractor-trailers have warning stickers that say, “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you.” This helps motorists recognize where a truck driver’s blind spots are. However, these helpful stickers do not relieve the driver from the responsibility of checking whether the lane is clear before pulling over.

We often hear the “I didn’t see you” defense, in which the truck driver attempts to push the blame on the motorist or motorcyclist for being in a blind spot. This is a poor defense that we can overcome. Our firm treats this statement as an admission of fault. After all, if the trucker did not see you, then he failed to look before switching lanes as required by law.

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