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Truck drivers and trucking corporations are subject to numerous state and federal regulations designed to protect public safety. Violations are evidence of negligent conduct, and may help prove individual driver and corporate liability in the event of a crash. If you or a loved one suffered injuries following an 18-wheeler accident in Georgia, turn to our firm for assistance.

The Gumprecht Law Firm advocates for strong regulations that protect the public from reckless, speeding, tired or distracted commercial drivers. Our goal is to make the roads safer for everyone, while recovering the maximum possible compensation for our clients. Our years of experience, assertive approach and implementation of analytical technology systems to uncover critical evidence in a case are key factors in our effective representation. Our six- and seven-figure results earned lead attorney Michael Gumprecht membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, in addition to numerous other awards and honors.

Remember, trucking corporations have every incentive to destroy evidence and deny liability, so time is of the essence when pursuing an 18-wheeler accident claim. Attorney Gumprecht is available to offer legal advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us to discuss your crash today.

Truck Accidents Caused by Overworked Drivers

Exhaustion contributes to many commercial vehicle crashes. Sleep-deprivation slows reaction time, diminishes cognition and affects judgment. A sleepy driver’s attention may shift or cause them to fall asleep behind the wheel.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) passed hours of service (HOR) rules to protect the public from a sleepy driver, limiting the amount of time per day and week that a driver can operate a commercial vehicle and perform other work-related tasks. The regulations also call for mandatory rest breaks and time off periods to prevent exhaustion.

Commercial drivers are required to track their hours of service to show they are abiding by HOS rules. Logs were once handwritten, but are now typically electronic, making them increasingly difficult to falsify (although trucking companies sometimes try). Following an 18-wheeler accident, our attorneys examine these logs, looking for evidence of extended work hours that may have contributed to driver exhaustion and sleep deprivation. We also review logbooks for signs of tampering and falsified records. If we find that a truck company forced a driver to work beyond the amount of time deemed safe by HOR standards, we will fight to hold the company responsible for their contributing role in the accident.

Texting While Driving Rules

FMCSA’s research concluded that drivers are 23.2 more likely to be involved in a dangerous roadway situation if they text while operating a commercial vehicle. This astounding figure highlights the need for strict texting while driving regulations. As of now, truck drivers face fines, traffic citations and eventual disqualification for texting while driving infractions. Employers also face heavy fines if their drivers text.

Texting includes typing or reading a message on an electronic device. In addition to traditional texting, the regulation also guards against emailing, instant messaging, surfing the Internet and other types of activities on an electronic device while driving.

Phone Restrictions for Commercial Drivers

The FMCSA’s research found that drivers who engaged in phone use while on the road were six times more likely to experience safety threats. For this reason, drivers are prohibited from handheld phone use. The driver is permitted to use a hands-free device if he or she does not maneuver out of a seated position, take off their seat belt to reach for the phone, press more than one button on the device to dial or hold the phone in either hand.

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