Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

Why is it important to choose the right personal injury lawyer? Many people from Woodstock ask this question. The answer consists of many reasons:


The first reason why a personal injury attorney is needed is because evidence can be lost quickly. A lawyer will be able to hire the right team to make sure all of the evidence is secured and kept in a secure location. Concerning accidents, car accidents attorney in the Woodstock area know how to get a hold of city surveillance tapes. This requires filing subpoenas and other steps, if needed. If one thing is wrong, the entire case is compromised. This is why competent injury attorneys are desperately needed in your particular situation.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

The next reason why a personal injury lawyer is needed in an tractor trailer or car/auto accident cases is because of the insurance company. Insurance company ALREADY have the best attorneys and law firm in downtown Atlanta, Georgia working for them, as well as smooth talking adjusters who want to be your “friend” at first. If you speak to the insurance company without a lawyer, you’ll be losing rights without knowing it and possibly wind up looking like the person who caused the auto accident and owe money. Insurance companies do their best to make everyone look guilty so that they can pay you less, under the guise of “looking out” for their own customers rates. This is why a professional lawyer will have to be the one to properly deal with the insurance company on your behalf. A professional personal injury attorney in Woodstock, GA will know which paperwork is proper to file against the insurance company. Our attorney works hard to ensure mistakes do not occur. Insurance companies work hard to ensure the victim will lose the case. With one wrong paper not filed on time, your case could be history.

The Gumprecht Law Firm is one of the most experienced personal injury law firms in the north Georgia area. Our firm handles everything from car and truck accidents, to motorcycle accidents, and general negligence cases. We provide 100% free consultations around the clock, always free, to see what type of case is possible. Our firm has a special hot-line that people can call to receive a free consultation; this hot-line is available for all customers, too. When people call this emergency number, they immediately get connected to a real attorney that will talk them through their situation.

Real Experience With Real Results

All of the attorneys within this law firm are licensed in Georgia and have won hundred of cases. Many of these cases dealt with large sums of money. In fact, our firm has recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Every attorney in this firm will fight for their client. These lawyers will always pursue the best possible offer for their client. Our law firm does not charge the client any money out of pocket and is not paid until he/she wins the case. Our lawyers are only paid from settlements and verdicts only. Our clients simply sign an attorney-client contract that is simple to read and sets out all terms in black and white. This is designed to assure our clients that there will never be any surprise or hidden fees.

The Gumprecht Law Firm fight for the rights of their client at all times. We also explain to every client the rights that are available to them. We DO NOT make a decision without checking with the client first. Our attorney makes sure the client is happy and satisfied before moving further in the case.


All of the our reviews are extremely positive. The reviews can be found online, and every client has been satisfied with the amount of money they received. Most clients received more money than they ever imagined.

No Other Firm

Many firms offer a variety of services, but few law firms offer all of our great benefits under one roof. We never let the insurance company speak to our clients and we return all calls by the end of the day. This shows how much time and energy our attorney at this firm will invest into winning every single case possible. If you were injured in an auto, truck, car accident, it’s time to call our passionate attorney from The Gumprecht Law Firm before it is too late. Call 678-800-1050 around the clock, 24/7, right now!